Yamijala Anusha
Delhi . Delhi . India . joined May, 2021

Yamijala Anusha


I am a research scholar of Annamalai University. I am developing android apps since 8 years and now as an entrepreneur working on these apps to take them to next level. One of my app crossed 1lakh downloads, 5 to 6 apps reaches 50k downloads and many reached 10k downloads. Apart from these i am a chef who won first prize in online cooking competition season 2 conducted by Febina group, and result was declared in March 2021

Won frist prize in International cooking competition conduced bt shreshta foods on the eve of womens day 2021

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    • City :
    • Delhi

    • State :
    • Delhi

    • Category :
    • Women Entrepreneurs

    • Email ID:
    • anushapavankumar.salaka@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Android app developer & entrepreneur

    • Education
    • Pursuing PhD

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Project Details

We are developing educational and devotional android apps.


AllStotars, a devotional android app crossed 1lakh downloads

Telugu stotras, a devotional android app crossed 50k downloads

WorldApp, an educational app crossed 10k downloads

Asta lakshmi stotram, a devotional app crossed 50k downloads

Annapurna stotram, Anjaneya Dandakam, Shiva Panchakshari stotram, Tamil stotras,  kannada stotras and few crossed 10k downloads


Bengali stotras, Malayalam Stotras, Ardha Nareeswara Stotram  and few stotras reached 5k downloads


Complete Business Details

Myra technologies is my startup which develops android applications. We are working to upgrade our existing apps by adding more features and subscription services will be added 



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