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Dhobi Aaqeeb

(ID 737)

Dhobi Aaqeeb

Dhobi Aaqeeb

(ID 737)
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    • City:
    • Nandurbar

    • State:
    • Maharashtra

    • Category:
    • Social Activist

    • Email ID:
    • dhobiaaqeeb18@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Mobile Marketing, Mr. Dhobi Aaqeeb Shaikh Aslam (Social Work) Director & Members Blood Foundation From Maharashtra

    • Education
    • BA. Hindi

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COVID -19 Work

Covid 19 with blood donate camp 6 and donate Bag available 380 with Nandurbar district civil hospital, and patient admit civil bag available 5 to 10 mints. With call arange. And all over maharashtra process follow me.




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