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COVID -19 Work

COVID -19 LOCKDOWN In the past 110 days, we have been delivering cooked food, dried food, food items to street animals, nomads, and needy people, in private and with the cooperation of many. Delivering masks to children and the elderly who cannot afford to buy masks.
COVID - 19 LOCKDOWN As far as we are concerned with the cooperation of all the people of the district in compliance with all government guidelines in the situation - Vagabond - About 1500 (15-20 cooked meals per day) Path Animal - 6000 (Cooked food + bread + biscuits + straw) is currently closed People in remote areas - 565 (cooked food) Family-960 (Rice, Pulses, Oil, Potato, Soybean, Flour, Salt, Biscuit, Chira, Sugar, Muri) Still in progress Mask - 1420 (children + adults in very remote areas) is still going on I was able to deliver help. Radhanagar, Gupinagar, Chakkasi, Fatehpur, Dogachhi, Kuaron, Chakvatshala, Chhota Deora, Shyamnagar, Kalikapur, Badmulluk, Boro Kashipur, Dighipara, Galakata Mor Chakdanga.
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স্ব Help For Others
"স্ব"- মানুষ -পশু -পাখি এবং পরিবেশ নিয়ে কাজ করবার একটি মুক্ত মঞ্চ, এসে - ভেসে এবং ভালোবেসে দাঁড়ান।