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    • City :
    • Kolkata

    • State :
    • West Bengal

    • Category :
    • Online Activist

    • Email ID:
    • tanusri.banerjee@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Entrepreneur ,Co -Founder, Businesswoman

    • Education
    • BACHELORS degree


I am TANUSRI BANERJEE, co founder and owner of REVOLTFITNESS which is a unisex Fitness Studio and Gym.ONE OF A KIND gym providing all facilities of Crossfit,Yoga,Fitness,zumba and many more.In today's COVID 19 pandemic situation, it's very necessary to keep physically and mentally fit .We have taken necessary precautions and promote the fitness mantra which increases and boost immunity. YOGA,ZUMBA and other forms of fitness exercises have been promoted online during lockdown period to increase immunity and to stay fit.We have provided online support on Fitness and stretch exercise videos and Online support sessions  for all yoga members.Fitness is the mantra and it's of paramount importance now. So ,without compromise ,we have given ONLINE support for all out esteemed members for Zumba,Yoga ,and Free hand Squat Excercises.Till the time ,we re open ,we will provide support .We are there to boost and increase your immunity to fight COVID 19.

There is no age limit for fitness workout . There is a saying , 'If you do workout and you do it correct , there almost zero chance of injury .Proper workout under professional guidance helps prevent injury and is great for rehabilitation . Different Strength training sessions are available in my Fitness Studio which are time efficient , helps in building muscles , excellant for core , stability and developing deeper muscles .

REVOLTFITNESS has been my dream project and with the successful operations,it has given me strength and confidence to earn a name for myself and spread the Fitness Brand across the city.First of all , I really try hard to maintain the quality of the studio. It is more important to find the right people , right equipments , right location ,right trainers ,so that i can make sure that I can take care of the Brand, take care of the studio and take care of the people working at the studio . Proper Fitness  workouts at REVOLTFITNESS can make an individual  really strong as it works on your muscles directly , flexibility , improved posture, better balance , stability  and weight management . I hope people turn up in large numbers to try out and be a part of my Fitness family .

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COVID -19 Work

During Lockdown period., have taken Online sessions for members on Yoga And Fitness execrices on Zoom app and hosted successful Fitness webinars ,to promote and increase immunity. LOCKDOWN may have locked us in our homes but not demotivated us to keep fit.Hence,we have been supportive to all our Gym members by providing them Free Online Support on Yoga,Zumba and Free hand exercises by our professional trainers and Yoga and Zumba experts.  Daily practice of Yogasana,.Pranayama and  meditation for 30 minuteshas been encouraged for all our members .This contribution is critical, as a part of social responsibility as it will help us all to remain fit both physically and mentally.

We strive everyday to keep ourselves fit,to learn something new about  fitness, new form.of exercise ,what to eat ,how much to eat for different type of diet programs,but we often forget in all of this is our basics.We at REVOLTFITNESS keep reminding and train our members of basic ways , correct workout habits,eating habits specially during lockdown to be safe and be strong . We have emerged as a Strong Fitness Family and every member is our patron and speaks and spreads the same message of being safe,being strong and improve immunity all across community.


I have successfuly opened an Unisex Fitness Studio - REVOLTFITNESS with top end Fitness Equipments in North Kolkata (Dumdum area )My Fitness studio has Powerlifting , stretch muscles workout ,Crossfit ,Zumba, Yoga facility .In my studio , there are qulified professional trainersand fitness experts who will assist to improve on your flexibility , posture , better control , stability , weight management , mind and body connection and makes you really strong .Within the stdio , theer are variuos type of fitness equipments .Workout in studio can never be monotonous as you are always learning something new .


The Business Projects I run has been start ups and with a lot of struggle and  challenges faced,both the projects are running successfully .

My first Start up project, FOURTUNEDESIGN firm as a webdesigning firm has earned great accolades .Starting with a handful employees and a rented office space to a full fledged firm employing  many potential resources with own office space in North Kolkata. My firm has created a buzz in city and doing various webdesigning and programming work across various fields.

My second project- REVOLT FITNESS has created a revolution in fitness world.With professional trainers available on floor,my gym has always given the best experience and customer satisfaction .Gym members are clients have always given the best review in social media and therefore in such a short span of time our members strength has almost touched 1000 members . To add value and contribute to the society ,by organizing free fitness online sessions to promote Fitness and boost immunity within all has been a focus during the Covid Pandemic  time.Exercise is the easiest and less expensive  cure for depression.Even WHO recommends every healthy adult should do minimum 30 minutes per day of physical activity.I have been able to promote this and therefore have received various cerifications from Ministry of Health(Govt.of India).

Simultaneously, during the Covid Lockdown period,have been actively participating in many social activities to promote awareness amongst society about pandemic situation and counter measures to be adopted by all.Various local civic bodies have appreciated this gesture and applauded my activities during COVID


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Supporting woman of strength
16 hr ago

Sharing this video to show some strenght to support all the ladies n to raise a voice


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19 hr ago

Hello everyone
We feel proud to announce our awardees for corona warriors. We have SUBHAM SHARMA representing himself as Social Activist from Asansol-West Bengal. Social Activist has played the important role in this pandemic. We are happy and proud to have awardees like you. You have done a wonderful job and Team FSIA appreciates you for your hard work.


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Hello everyone
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