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Imran Sakkaf

(ID 1737)

IT Project manager for NBFC bank in mumbai

Imran Sakkaf

Imran Sakkaf

(ID 1737)

IT Project manager for NBFC bank in mumbai

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    • City:
    • Thane

    • State:
    • Maharashtra

    • Category:
    • Individuals

    • Email ID:
    • imransakkaf@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • IT Manager

    • Education
    • Graduate

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COVID -19 Work

Have been an active supporter of private non profit ngo taking care of distribution of essentials to underprivileged during the lockdown located in a kokan region of maharashtra.Also personally distributed monthly grocery packages to people like housemaids, society watchman, and drivers ..all whom i knew were affected due to the lockdown and for those i could extend my helping hand. 

Also utilized zakat (Tax) amount during the month of ramadan which is obligatory for every muslim by distributing family members with no source of income during the lockdown.The amount would easily help the family for 3 months groceries and essentials

Blessed by god for an opportunity to serve the humanity .

Not in favor of taking and posting pics for the work done for a good cause.Stronlgly believe serving the humanity does not require to justified.




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