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Reji k George

(ID 1665)

Reji k George
Reji k George

Reji k George

Reji k George

(ID 1665)
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    • City:
    • Mohali

    • State:
    • Punjab

    • Category:
    • NGOs

    • Email ID:
    • rejigeorge76chd@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Counsellor

    • Education
    • Graduate

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COVID -19 Work

  1. we as a team called Peace Foundation was working throughout the lockdown period among the victims and marginalised communities.
  2. 6000 families we're provided dry ration kit 
  3. 5500 migrant workers were fed breakfast and lunch.
  4. 1200 corona warriors like municipality workers and sweepers were honoured with hygiene kits and dry rations 
  5. widows and orphans were taken care by Us.
  6. 23 slums were completely given food grains and cooked food.
  7. sanitisation was done in several communities.