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Annie Thomas

(ID 1505)

Pre primary Teacher from 13 years + yoga Tranar*

Annie Thomas

Annie Thomas

(ID 1505)

Pre primary Teacher from 13 years + yoga Tranar*

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    • City:
    • Nashik

    • State:
    • Maharashtra

    • Category:
    • Individuals

    • Email ID:
    • annbenythomas@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Teacher

    • Education
    • Graduation

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COVID -19 Work

😘I was very much blessed by your BEAUTIFUL words About me❤️

"A Spark Of Hope"- Mrs Annie Thomas.
Covid -19, a pandemic outbreak of virus, a very tough time, which affected people as well as stray dogs.
But in this tough time there was a person who with her care, concern and love provide ration and food for needy people, that is non other than.
Mrs Annie BenedictThomas, a woman whose heart is always full of love and care for needy people, daily wagers, homeless, migrants etc, came forward to provide ration kit to more than 150 familiar for a week, and also she herself cooked food at her place and provided it to more than 300 people affected by the lockdown imposed in Nashik in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides this she also distributed food packets to homeless people at slum in neighbouring areas.

Not only for people but also her care and love was seen for stray dogs, who were given biscuits, rice, rotis everyday. A great salute to person for her love for mankind.




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