Taslim Yunus Chunawala
Mumbai . Maharashtra . India . joined August, 2021

Taslim Yunus Chunawala


I realized my passion was to become a Fashion Designer when I had design a gown for my sister's college fashion show and got first prize for it. That was enough to motivate me for Joining a Fashion Designer Course which was of 3 years. I had joined several companies to sharpen my skills, took interest in all activities which an entrepreneur should know. Now I was ready to open my own brand and showcase my talent. Though it was tough time but I went through easily as this was my dream and was ready to face problem in any situation which made me strong day by day. I am glad that I am gonna be a part of Star India Awards and this is the platform where my talent will be upgraded and exhibit all over the world.

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Business Woman

    • Email ID:
    • taslimshaikh444@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Fashion Designer

    • Education
    • Advanced Diploma Course in Fashion Designing

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Project Details


Bangle Making Certificate 

Best Student Award 2012

Leadership Award 2013

Certificate of Corel DRAW and Photoshop 2013

Best Student Award 2014

Certificate of Computer aided Design 2014


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My Own Brand 'Alyssum'


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