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    • City :
    • Moradabad

    • State :
    • Uttar Pradesh

    • Category :
    • Poet

    • Email ID:
    • stutisaxena8544@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Poetess

    • Education
    • Graduate with Biotechnology, Advance Diploma in Clinical Trials and Data Management, MBA in Hospital Administration and Human Resource Management.


To my surprise and to one's beleif, it's hard to trust ,but for me the scenario is true...started zotting my feelings on Maa ( Mother,Smt Anjana Saxena), after she passed away in May 2019 and lately in December 2019,came up with a collection of 8-10poems for Maa, which got published as e- book ( due to lockdown) on 5th May 2020. Utkarsharsh Prakashan ,Meerut( Mr.Hemant, Publisher, showing faith in my writings and decided to publish the same in form of e- book,due to lockdown on 1st death anniversary of my mother) http://utkarshprakashan.in/details.php?bid=491 Insta Link https://www.instamojo.com/uttkarshbooks/maa-e43be/ My book also got platform on Google Read and Amazon Kindle Google Play Read Books link https://books.google.co.in/books?id=P1jjDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA15&dq=maa+kavya+sangrah&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwislPna8rDpAhWIlEsFHThTC-EQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q=maa%20kavya%20sangrah&f=false Amazon Kindle Link https://a.co/3Ze4CHC Now my book is ready for print ,and will soon be available on Amazon, Flipkart. This Lockdown scenario had churned my inner thoughts, my perception of viewing situation,influencing my pen to finally meet the paper. Myself Stuti Saxena Singh , a poetess, author of 2books ( Maa -Ek Kavya Sanghra and Co- author of Bhartiya itihas ki visangatiya- By D. K Saxena and Stuti Saxena Singh) both available as print books, and as e- books on Amazon Kindle, Google play online portals. My 2poems - " Road Not Taken" and "Moon... N... Sun" got published in month of July and September 2020 in Wild Sound Film and Writing Festival organised by Mr. Matheww Toffolo and Team, Toronto Canada and presently saved as archives. https://festivalforpoetry.com/2020/07/21/read-poem-the-road-not-taken-by-stuti-saxena-singh/ https://festivalforpoetry.com/2020/09/20/read-poem-moon-n-sun-by-stuti-saxena-singh/ My Poems "Dooriyan" and "Father's Day" got published in Amar Ujala kavya Below are the respective links. https://www.amarujala.com/kavya/mere-alfaz/dilip-saxena-dooriyan-1591682313751 https://www.amarujala.com/kavya/mere-alfaz/dilip-saxena-fathers-day ( As my phone display got broken so logged in from my fathers fb account to join groups) Got 2nd position in "Laghu Katha Pratiyogita" Organised by srujan se prakashan, and story got published in July 2020,in akshara Magazine, Madhya Pradesh. My 2 poems got published in blog section of srujanse kavyaankur http://srujansanyukta.blogspot.com/2020/06/blog-post_9.html?m=1 My poems and article( "Memories of Passed Summers", "If I could", Contagious)got published in Indian Periodical Magazine. For my poem " Priceless ", received Certificate Of Achievement in National level Poetry Competition organized by Super7( September 2020) Awarded Membership Certificate from Hindi Kavya Kosh Commitee. My poem -" Aahuti", " Bachpan" got published in Anubhav e- patrika, by Hindi Lekhan. com for month of Aug, October 2020. My another poem- " Karvachauth- ek shringar aisa bhi" made space in anubhav patrika for month of November 2020. Bagged 4th position in creative online competition organised in month of July 2020 ( hindi poem - vikaasheelta ke stambh) Received Winner Certificate of Excellence and medal to be recived for Hindi poem " हतभाग्य" organised by Asian Literary Society as Asian Literary Society's Wordsmith Award. Received Certificate of Participation in Asian LiterarySociety's Wordsmith Award( English Short Story ) Contest2020 Received Certificate of Participation in Asian Literary Society's Wordsmith ( English Poem) Contest2020 Received Participation Certificate for participating in kisse aur kahinyo ka mela short story competition by united by ink (UBI) , Participated in (Short Story and Poem Category) "Ink World" by StoryMirror in collaboration with Om yogic science of India ( Result Awaited) Participated in "Pen and Ink" Organised by StoryMirror in collaboration with SDJ International College ( Result Awaited) Participated in "Poetry Street" by StoryMirror in association with Author Hari Hara Mishra( Result Awaited). Participated in Nazmehayat Article writing contest and English Poetry Contest( Result to be declared in Nov 2020) Have participated in various international submissions for article , short story and poetry for the next year 2021. 14 poems, Palaver, Constellations, Amsterdam . Upcoming projects Meri Kuch Chuni Hui Kahaniya- By Stuti Saxena Singh Paristithiya ( situations)Collection of Short Stories Maa- Kavya Sanghra( English Version) Navras- Poem Collection

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Project Details

Presently busy with submissions on various platforms
Indian Periodicals Magazine 
Anubhav Patrika
Sahityanama Patrika
Also keep on participating in various national and international contest, I came to know either via Submittable or various groups joined at my end on Fb.

Projects to be published by my own Publishing House
#Shiksha Ka Aarth By D.K Saxena, Language Hindi
#Meaning of Education by Stuti Saxena Singh, Language English
#Rigvedh Sahita ka Jyotishalok by D.K Saxena and Stuti Saxena Singh
# Ayanansh, Language Hindi
#Aryabhatta- The Real Facts, language- English 
#Aryabhatta - Vaastavik Thathya,LanguageHindi 
#Historical and Astronomical Facts of Mahabharat- English 
#Astrology for Beginners- By Stuti Saxena Singh

Complete Business Details

Planning to open Publishing House in coming financial Year 2021-2022
Name of the Enterprise- Aalekh Publishing House


I am not able to submit all my certificates  received . Kindly help in this section

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Supporting woman of strength
20 hr ago

Sharing this video to show some strenght to support all the ladies n to raise a voice


Awardee of The Real Super Heroes Awards 2020
23 hr ago

Hello everyone
We feel proud to announce our awardees for corona warriors. We have SUBHAM SHARMA representing himself as Social Activist from Asansol-West Bengal. Social Activist has played the important role in this pandemic. We are happy and proud to have awardees like you. You have done a wonderful job and Team FSIA appreciates you for your hard work.


Dr. Anmol Bagaria Awardee of The Real Super Heroes Awards 2020
23 hr ago
Hello everyone
We feel proud to announce our awardees for corona warriors. We have Dr. Anmol Bagaria representing herself in the medical field as a doctor from Mumbai-Maharashtra. Doctors have played the most important role in this pandemic. We are happy and proud to have awardees like you. You have done a wonderful job and Team FSIA appreciates you for your hard work. 


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Certificates have been received by these lovely ladies known as "The Real Super Woman". For their support and work in the field. you can register here & get a certificate has a scan code and unique Id through which everyone can see their work profile.


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