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I am from a upper middle class stereotypical tamil family, from the time i could read i wanted to be a doctor,

I got sick at 12 , from that point nothing was expected of me, just get a basic education and get married was the course everyone thought was right for me.

I  believed fiercely that i could become a doctor, fought for my rights stood up for what i believed in, 10 years later.

Here i am the first doctor in the family. MBBS,MD, and FID (on going).the illness i had was physically limiting me, But

i fought to create a life for myself . And i did ☺️ 

Two things i want convey here: Girls if you are told it's impossible don't dream of it , don't get disappointed.

Believe and work, fight create a identity for yourself.



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    • City :
    • Coimbatore

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    • Tamil Nadu

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    • Doctor

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    • Profession:
    • Doctor

    • Education
    • MBBS, MD pathology, FID( studying)

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 Award of covid warrior due to my service during covid time

Poster presentation in pathology 
Philanthropy is my passion i consider that as important as my work i do what i can but i want to give more:)

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