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I came from middle class with lot of dreams. I just want to be good job holder but later due to marriage.i stopped working But i was passionate i want to do something in a life this desire leads to successful entrepreneur today as a Sridevi Homemade Herbal Products I says that Every woman dream is to be a beautiful girl in her life beauty is the only the thing they spend there more life but many of her friends and family they use to tell they have tried many creams, face washes, ointments etc to make them self more beautiful but they were not satisfied In my opinion beauty is a long term course it cannot happen overnight or in a week Daily habits in our life Leeds to be a beautiful in a life Drink more water, eating healthy food using natural Products makes us more beautiful Once I met a leading experience beautician she told me that now a days many people are preferring harsh Chemicals to get instant glow and for beautiful skin But all this will give only instant results it may decrease your skin quality life your skin may become more older than your age soon This words has influenced me a lot on that day So I decided to avoid Chemical based products I have started researching what keeps us more beauty through Natural ingredients I have taken suggestions from one of my friends brother He was a leading Ayurvedic doctor in town He says that nature has many valuable herbs which keeps us healthy but people wants instant results so they walk towards Chemical based products and also they use to say Old Model But they don't understand Old is gold Later I got very interesting women she has 15 years of experience in making Herbal Products finally I got right one who encourages me and trained me well I have started preparing to use my self use My family members and my friends started noticing my skin difference Later my friends started asking for bath powder repeatedly so i use to collect some money With my husband support i have started selling at home With users mouth publicity it spreads lot visitors has started coming to my home After that i have invented hair pack powder which shows huge positive response which i have not expected it shows tremendous response from users Now i am selling monthly 100+ kgs bath powder per month and i have invented different categories For babies sensitive skin i have used different combination and started BABY BATHPOWDER, For women i have invented CHANDAMAMA BATHPOWDER and also AYURVEDIC BATHPOWDER for skin problem user with ayurvedic herbs and For hair i have invented hair pack with 20+ herbal ingredients and with the help of leading Herbal products MD i started selling herbal shampoo with base of neem & tulasi herbs which makes hair strong and healthy and The most selling product ONION HAIR OIL which helps to grow new hair and treats dandruff very successful mantra 25+ middle class women is earning some money to survive there families by selling our products Our mission is to stop bathing with chemical products go with natural products it keeps your skin safe and healthy #Dontgoforbath with chemical products

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