Shireen Eshan
Chennai City South . Tamil Nadu . India . joined April, 2021

Shireen Eshan


I’ve always been petrified of roller coaster rides & yet my life’s design & journey has always been a bumpy & a rash roller coaster ride from the time I could hold my senses . It turned out that my biggest fright is what my life’s canvas is largely based on . Never really had a smooth sail ,may be because my target was never the safe shores . I was always the one who wore my heart in my sleeves & dared to role the dice for all it takes until the end of the line , as I always wanted to be an entrepreneur & entrepreneurship is all about being a dare . I’ve always been a rule breaker ,a risk taker & dream chaser for as long as I know else I would have ended up working for someone who does. I used to be someone who would trust people trust relationships trust the face value just like that , that naive is how I would have described myself before life taught me lessons the harsh way . Today I’m not what I used to be I had to destroy that personality that character to emerge what I’m today and believe me that wasn’t an easy task to undo & redo & reconstruct yourself inch by inch . Every let down every insult every humiliation every backstabbing has made me ten folds more stronger & made me even more adamant to be the face of success come what may , as the world talks about ,respects ,showers adulation & even recognises only success & nothing else . Molested as a child at the age of 4 by a neighbour who was a family friend, realised it much later with maturity . Failed relationship with parents that never got mended until it was too late , a loner that I am have always been that way . Migraine, depression you name it I’ve seen it all & have em all . Adamant that I’m will not give up will never give up. My Entrepreneur journey began with Allure Suds a handcrafted Skincare brand where I was the formulator .I also conduct training sessions for the Skincare making & house students from throughout the world . Allure Suds provides financial freedom to the women ,provide opportunities and help create successful Entrepreneurs . There have been many such successful home grown brands branched out of Allure Suds . The journey began when I wanted nothing but natural skincare for my family as that was the time when a popular Skincare brand in India was under the radar for using cancer causing toxins in their Skincare products . That ignited my journey as a skincare formulator as I was rest assured as I know what ingredients goes into making . What started to cater to the family branched out as a serious business. Skincare that is churned out of Allure Suds is free from parabens , sulphates , mineral oil , fillers and other harmful toxic ingredients. Our products are as close as you can be to nature . My first taste of success was a handmade carnival that Allure Suds participated in & instantly hit it off with the guests after which an article about my Skincare brand was featured by the English daily The New Indian Express. That day marked the arrival of Allure Suds as a brand & was here to stay . Im a Blogger ,Writer & a Social Entrepreneur and founder of the brand Ink that Matters. Writing & expression is something very close to me since I was a child as I’m more expressive & emote my best with words when I write which justifies me doing English literature at college . Ink that Matters is a non judgemental space where women centric & pressing social issues are inked to create a society with a healthy thought process. We also host a talk show called Roads Untraveled ,where people from different walks of lives share their life journey and success stories.This has been an initiative to motivate & spread positivity . We also host discussion sessions on social issues to create awareness . Ink that Matters also has been socially responsible not only with its writing and spreading awareness but also supporting various social causes and have been contributing for the education of the underprivileged children . Be it the skincare business or my passion for writing or any other interest that I might take an interest in my life partner has always offered me all the support & been my pillar of strength & my support system and one who believed in me when no one else did & still does with whom the roller coaster ride though bumpy ,scary and filled with unknown monsters I never sulked to ride on . I say bring it on & give me more . But as they say nothing comes easy so was it & more so for me as I always believe that hard work & determination gets its due recognition along the journey of perseverance, and the never give up saga and always standing up for what I truly believe in irrespective of numerous bottle necks , hiccups, insults & being demotivated by my own kin who shunned the very idea of my out of the box thinking . All I knew was to rise up every time someone tries to write me off . Success is what the world understands & recognition is what makes people take notice of you and that is where I’m headed to .

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    • City :
    • Chennai City South

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    • Tamil Nadu

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    • Women Entrepreneurs

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    • Entrepreneur/Blogger/Writer/Social Activist

    • Education
    • B.A in English Literature

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