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I'm a doctor by profession.. I have done my MBBS MD in physiology.... I teach  medical students and i ensure seed of being a gud doctor nd serving the society is incultated in every student of mine.... I like motivating my students by being a mentor...... I have worked under covid duties during my residency wer I ensured that I provided my best care to my people by serving dem in covid icu,wards and casualities nd saved hundreds of people fighting against covid.... I have done research nd presented paper at international conference and state level pg quiz winner during my pg residency ..... Have done my research on effect of iron deficiency anemia impairing cognition in young women's of reproduction age groups using international scales.... I have got distinction in pharmacology nd i hold certificate of merit in ent in my undergraduate on.... My thirst of gaining knowledge nd serving my people has never stopped..... On the other front,has become a tarot reader, dragon oracle card reader and a reiki practitioner as well... Being a light worker nd healer i m ease with myself.... I have met my angels and dragons through my journey of deep meditations wer I connect with the world as a fifth dimensional being..... I have gained knowledge in alternative medicine espacially the flower medicine discovered by Edward bach to give my patients a multidimensional healing ...... My hobbies would include a wide range throw ball player,pot painting , pencil sketching ,rangoli,i speak on debates ,on extempo and do face paintings and I'm a dancer at my college.....Thus to conclude i treat my patients with empathy nd i take care of a poor family through which I earn..... I like geriatrics age group people were i spend time with them on old age homes giving them my valuable time and societal care..... Life is all about spreading love care and respect to fellow humans...... Happy to share my life in this world with every species....

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    • Salem East

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    • Tamil Nadu

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    • Doctor

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    • Doctor

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    • MBBS MD physiology

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Project Details

 Build old age homes for geriatric people

Treat complicated disease and cancer through multidimensional healing and enhance the life span of an individual
To treat cognition in women of reproductive age group by treating iron deficiency anemia among the young
Planned to build hospital under trust and make treatment free of cost to help needy and poor so that they can be benefitted


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 I'm Dr.selvapriya MBBS MD physiology I work as senior resident at medical college teaching undergraduates.

Worked in covid duties icu,casualities and triage wards as during my residency as covid medical officer

I have done researches and presentated my papers on international conferences.

I have done research work on effect of iron deficiency on cognition in young women.

I work as general practitioner.

I m a healer and light worker  as well and heal people using reiki,alternative medicines and flower medicine 

I'm a tarot card reader and dragon oracle card reader




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