Rupali Sheth
Mumbai . Maharashtra . India . joined August, 2021

Rupali  Sheth


Rupali Siddharth Sheth is an ex-banker and the founder of AADHI SHRI ENERGIES. She has had a spectacular career in the banking sector and an inspiring and motivating experience in her spiritual journey. She has been in the banking sector for nineteen years and has worked with several multinational banks which has given her priceless knowledge and experience in retail and corporate banking. She has honed her skills throughout these years and enhanced her abilities to be able to achieve positive growth in her banking career that has helped her receive great recognition and awards in the sector.

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

    • State :
    • Maharashtra

    • Category :
    • Spiritual Healing

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    • Profession:
    • Spiritual Healer

    • Education
    • Bachelor's in Commerce

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Project Details

I deal with many individuals who belongs to coporate industries, business and many more . Have healed more than 100+ individuals till date through my spiritual guidance. 

Logo Analysis for E-Magazine - Iconic Shakti.Farm Spices , Swadashi , 24 Square Consultancies and many more.. 



  1. Yashassvi award in the national level under banking and finance category 2021
  2. HSBC Certificate of appreciation (Dynamo Award) Jan’16
  3. Appreciated by HSBC - Head FTG for recovering the entire outstanding from write off  account (Laxmi Cars –Maruti ) - 2009
  4. Won HSBC “Honorary Mention” award in “Transactional Process” category for the best six–sigma project at “CII National Conference for Six–Sigma 2009“held
  5. at Bangalore on 24 - 25th Aug’09.
  6.  “Project HSBC 239 winners” for the western regions for exceptional performance for the month of Jul’06, received thanks award and certification for the same.
  7.  Felicitated with HSBC thank award for the consistent performance for the month Mar’06- May’ 06
  8. HSBC appreciation award for All Rounder Performance for the month of Mar’ 05
  9. HSBC appreciation award for Good Resolution of 30+ bucket for the month of Apr’ 05
  10. SCB certificate of appreciation for excellent performance in the month of May’02.
  11. SCB certificate of appreciation for excellent performance in the month of June ‘02.

Complete Business Details

 AADHI means “Pratham” which interprets as first and foremost, SHRI represents the powerful Lord Ganesha and ENERGIES represents “shakti” and alternately can also be represented as “us” to signify that the we ourselves are the energies of the universe.
Her role as a Spiritual Mentor is to give spiritual and motivational guidance as she believes in imparting spiritual awareness to others. She has learnt and regularly practices the modalities listed below with great enthusiasm which has helped her raise her vibrations and helped her connect with universal energies. These techniques, prayers, meditations, crystals and angelic guidance has blessed her abundantly and helped her to transform her life successfully. She therefore wants to use these gifts to help others in a holistic way to gain self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, selfmotivation, self-growth, self-love, self-healing, self-motivation, self-realization, self-development but most importantly to guide them to attract positivity, good health, wealth, prosperity and abundance
in their lifespan.



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