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Ravaleedhar Reddy - A Tech Enthusiast, MotorBike Rider, Awarded Photographer, Nature & Music Lover.

Earned My Master’s in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from National Institute of Technology – Warangal, B. Tech (I.T) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological  University – Hyderabad and his MBA from International MBA Institute. 

Currently Working as a Technical Architect in one of the reputed SEI CMMI – Level 5  organization (India & USA).

Has 14 Years of I.T Industry Experience across various  Domains.  Got Multiple granted patents on IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Machine Learning  Areas. Has more than 20 Technical Certifications in various technologies.  A Winner of several Hackathons & awards. Has authored Technical books.

Apart from The Regular Work, I conducted interaction sessions with Students of all Levels on Career Guidance, Counselling, Mentoring, Motivation, Improving the performance of inner-self, Stress handling, Cybersecurity, numerous Computer  Workshops & technology training, Open source software initiatives.

My Tech interests are in the areas of Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Quantum  Computing, Bio/DNA Computing, Cyber Security, IoT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Human-Computer  Interaction (HCI), Virtual and Augmented Reality.


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Project Details

During Covid, apart from the regular work that I'm involved in, along with my regular deliverables,

I was also involved with covid work

like feeding stray dogs approx 50.

Donating resources to daily labor approx 25.

Donating ration to needed work immigrants from other states approx 50.

Donated PPE kits to covid warriors approx 8.

Donated to few local NGOs to support Covid relief to slums.

Complete Business Details

Ravaleedhar Reddy - A Tech Enthusiast, MotorBike Rider, Awarded Photographer, Nature & Music Lover.

passionate nature photographer and a budding Audiophile

Rider - Loves Long Drives and Rides.

March 27


Got granted 5 Patents on IoT, Cloud Technology, BlockChain, Machine Learning, areas.

Has close to 20 technical certifications.

Authored Book on Mobile computing.

Won several Hackthons.

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