Raina Gupta
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Raina Gupta


Hello everyone I’m Rainna Gupta, a patisserie chef successfully running my home bakery ‘Creative Oven by Rainna’ in East Delhi .With an experience in the business for the past 12 years, I can proudly vouch for the success and potential of my enterprise. Creative Oven’s specialty of the best eggless cakes in Delhi has been recognized through several awards and has been expanding extensively. I have carved a space of my own, leaving a mark in the home baking business which, I have realized, can be achieved by many with low investment and resources that are easily accessible. Housewives often want to engage in and explore their hobbies that may prove to be rewarding in terms of financial outcome or self-growth. But without a professional degree, they are unable to pursue it. I have designed a very practical, professional bakery course for women of all ages. Many of my students are already running their own bakeries from home successfully. Singlehandedly, I have established myself as an entrepreneur giving parallel financial support at home, and believe that my business has the potential to help other women achieve the same. My success mantra: Tiptoe if you must but do take that first step towards your dream.

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    • City :
    • Delhi

    • State :
    • Delhi

    • Category :
    • Chef

    • Email ID:
    • rgnotes@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Bakery Chef

    • Education
    • B.Com from Delhi University

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Project Details

 I want to give professional training to housewives so that they can start their own home bakeries in very less investment and can work in comfort of their own kitchen 


I have received many awards and accolades for my work  

Complete Business Details

 I am a Home Baker and my speciality is creating my own recipes of eggless cakes and desserts 



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