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Parella Durga Prassana Snehitha


My self Snehitha Parella I am author of the book Lightning Of Life and Rythym of Love I am author and student I had broken self-esteem, harsh memories, self-doubt and constant criticism. I started believing that I wasnt good enough and that maybe I am just another average person. I wasnt happy with that image of myself and I wanted to become independent while creating my own identity with my efforts and contributions. I wanted to make a difference and I chose writing as one of the ways to help me make a difference I am a very anxious human being, I really fear expressing myself to people. I always used to fear what other people may think about me or if they will judge me and for that reason I had my emotions bottled up inside me. When I started writing, I had the freedom to breathe out my worries and feelings. I found out a lot of the people that read my work were telling me how they could relate to my content and how it makes them feel like their voice is heard. Comments like these inspire me to write and work harder. �

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 Lightning Of Life

My book Lightning of life, I  expressed that the light in our life can not be raised
unless we raise the texture of our thoughts and the depth of our understanding. The book has
10 chapters and each one is associated with an important part of life.
1. Life 2. Parents 3. Love 4. Listen to Your Heart 5. Self-Confidence 6. Ego 7. Aim Of Life 8. Failure
9. Success and 10. Celebrate Your Life are the chapters in the book “Lightning of life”.
Rythym Of Love
After the success of the “Lightning of life”, I introduced another book. Rhythm Of Love is
a collective reflection of comfort and pain in the most surprising of times. It is complete
non-fiction. It talks about insecurity in girls, friends and healing love 




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I want to start a event management company 




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