Pallavi Vivek Malani
Dharwad . Karnataka . India . joined February, 2022

Pallavi Vivek Malani


Successful people are talented/ People with talent are successful- That’s what I heard from society. I was not given a silver spoon to make my niche. This led me to change the belief that hardworking people are not only talented but lucky too. They make right choices. They take logical decisions. They know Emotional Intelligence is far superior than only having IQ. I, Pallavi Malani, had a dream which I wanted to experience in real. My experience of being in the training and coaching field has made a great impact in life. I have coached more than 10,000 people. I believe in breaking the mundane shackles of self limitation people create for themselves. I act as a catalyst in their life by bringing out the critic hidden in them. Mindset is the most important thing in Relationship Management,Health Management,Work Management & Wealth Management. I unleash the hidden confident superpower within my clients. I love my profession as it helps me to create a stress free and a happy life for others. My positivity is my tool to succeed. I believe I am a change maker who handholds other to take the responsibility and authority of their.

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    • City :
    • Dharwad

    • State :
    • Karnataka

    • Category :
    • Influencer

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    • Profession:
    • Emotional Intelligence Coach/Master Practitioner NLP Coach/ Behavioural Coach/ Business Coach/ Author

    • Education
    • Graduate/ ICF Licensed Coach

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