Neerja klawatia
Ahmedabad City . Gujarat . India . joined March, 2022

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I consider myself to be a versatile woman. I am hardworking and take challenges head on. Most of all - I love learning new things and exploring. From dancing to painting to being a teacher to fitness to travelling and much more, I enjoy making the most out of what life has to offer! 


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    • City :
    • Ahmedabad City

    • State :
    • Gujarat

    • Email ID:

    • Profession:
    • Teacher in St Kabir school Ahmedabad

    • Education:
    • Post graduate from Jaipur University nd DCS from Singapore University..

    • Category:
    • 36-50

Physical Attribute

    • Bust :
    • 38

    • Waist :
    • 32

    • Hip:
    • 37

    • Dress Size:
    • L size 50

    • Shoes Size:
    • 38

    • Height (ft):
    • 5 ft  4 inch

    • Weight:
    • 60 Kg

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 I completed my Masters in Arts from Rajasthan National University. After this I got into teaching and taught all subjects to primary school students. One of my spirtitual achievements is when I was a part of the Art of Living by Shree Shree Ravi Shankar Ji. Later down the line, my love of dance and music pushed me to learn the art and even teach Bollywood dance to cultural centres in Spain! I've had the privilege to perfom in front of large audiences in shows. In 2019, I was crowned as Mrs. Gujarat second runner up from 9 Colours. Last year, I was given the title of best photogenic face and attitude from 9 Colours. My eyes are now on the Mrs. India title and I will wholeheartedly give my absolute best to win it.



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