Lipi Banerjee

Mrs West Bengal 2023 Winner

Mrs West Bengal 2023 Winner Lipi Banerjee

Mrs West Bengal 2023 Lipi Banerjee

Mrs West Bengal Winner Lipi Banerjee

Lipi Banerjee won Mrs West Bengal 2023

Mrs West Bengal 2023 winner Lipi Banerjee

Lipi Banerjee

I am Mrs West Bengal 2023 Winner

Kolkata . West Bengal . . joined April, 2023
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Describe Your Self
  • City : Kolkata
  • State : West Bengal
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : Voiceover Artist and Designer
  • Education : Graduate
  • category : G-2
Physical Attribute
  • Bust :
  • Waist :
  • Hip :
  • Dress Size : XL
  • Shoes Size :
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  4 inch
  • Weight : 68 Kg
  • chatnow

I have always juggled my roles as a daughter, wife, mother and daughter-in-law. In managing all these responsibilities I never realized when I had lost my true self. It was only later when I started introspecting during the pandemic period that I asked myself this question for the first time: What have I acheived?

My biggest strength has always been my eye for designs, it was the reason why I pursued my passion to learn about it. So at 35 years old I started my business of tailoring from scratch. Initially, I started with designing dresses for my daughters, and soon thereafter I was trusted by my clients with their vision. However, soon I relaised that there was so much more that I could do and that is when I decided to do my part for the society.

I became part of a small community NGO and started helping out with them. I also made my own contribution and started distributing foods to the elderly people lining up the suburbs here in North 24 Parganas. Becoming an active member of serving the community provided me with greater purpose and allowed me to serve the people around me.

Instead of stopping there I went another step ahead, and decided to try my luck as a voice artist. I am currently a voice over artist for the News Channel "Today Kolkata" and has been successfully working at it for the past 3 years.

To a lot of young people, this may seem nothing, but I do not agree because life begins the moment you decide to start your journey towards fullfillment. So, in the grand scheme of things, my achievements may seem nothing, but for a woman who had always chosen her family over herself, giving herself the chance to work towards her dreams of being independent meant everything for me.



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