Agrta Singh

Mrs Diva 2022 India

Mrs Diva 2022 Agrta Singh

Mrs Diva 2022 India Agrta Singh

Agrta Singh winner of Mrs Diva 2022

Mrs Diva 2022 India Agrta Singh

Agrta Singh has won Mrs Diva 2022

Agrta Singh

I am Mrs Diva 2022

Gautam Buddha Nagar . Uttar Pradesh . India . joined February, 2022
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Describe Your Self

Myself Agrta a married working girl living with my husband and my pet dog Dollar. My hobbies are travelling, writing travel blogs, singing, dancing, gardening, taking care of my pet, writing shayaris. I am an adventurer and a strong woman who always stand high whatever the worst scenario or struggle I face in my life. 

My dream is to have my own shelter for abandoned dogs and street animals, to feed them, to take care of them.
If I become the ultimate queen of beauty pageant then I will get a proper platform where I can spread the awareness for the protection of animal rights. And moreover the people who bully me over my looks and my dusky texture they will get the answer itself when I will win this beauty competition. 
One thing you are passionate about:
I am passionate about self learning and self improvement. I do not limit myself to one area only. I always try to learn some new always try to experience some new with me. I love to challenge myself. Like participating in this beauty pageant is something new to me, I never tried beauty pageants. Some of my relatives or some of the people nearby commented on my looks that I am dusky, I don't have good looks blah blah. So this time I am challenging myself to participate in beauty pageant and that too in such a good platform of FSIA. So that people can know that girls like me can also qualify/win the beauty pageant.
Life's Moto:
My moto since childhood is that I don't dream about something big, but I try to achieve something big and always live in reality. I want to do good for stray animals and want to take care of their treatment and hygiene. I hope FSIA can give me a platform where I can represent the protection for animal rights. There are so many NGOs who seriously taking care of child rights, women rights but there are a few who seriously taking care of animal rights. And I want to be one of them.
  • City : Gautam Buddha Nagar
  • State : Uttar Pradesh
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : Software Engineer
  • Education : BTech
  • category : G-1
Physical Attribute
  • Bust : 36 inches
  • Waist : 34 inches
  • Hip : 36 inches
  • Dress Size : Depending on the brand may be M or L
  • Shoes Size : UK6
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  3 inch
  • Weight : 58 Kg
  • chatnow

1. When you Search 'Agrta Singh Ghumkkar' you will find my blogs all over there. I am a travel blogger and always get good feeback and comments.

2. I received so many appreciations from my managers in my current organization. I am a popular name there.

3. I also got featured in Women's magazine of my current organization.

4. I am known as WonderWoman and all rounder as I am great in multi-tasking.

5. I also did recently a diploma in Animal Protection Laws as I am in animal welfare.

6. Also my poems get featured in Navbharat Times.





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