Sheron Kalsi

Miss South East 2021 Winner

Miss South East 2021 Sheron Kalsi

Miss South East Sheron Kalsi

Sheron Kalsi winner of Miss South East 2021

Forever Miss South East 2021 winner Sheron Kalsi

Sheron Kalsi has won Miss South East 2021

Sheron Kalsi

you are official participant of miss india 2021

Rourkela . Odisha . India . joined March, 2021
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Describe Your Self

 I believe every individual be it human or animal is unique .

God doesn’t do copies,he creates originals and every single person has something different about them.

And I’m not just talking about our fingerprints or DNA. I’m talking about different thought process,individual mindset,individual opinion,backgrounds,perspectives,natural talents,physical capabilities,intellect,personalities and delightful idiosyncrasies.

Talking about my different point, I have a natural ability to get along with people that has helped me to stand out in previous roles. There was a time my job involved signing up new customers,often through cold calling. I empathise well with people from all backgrounds. I was able to build up a good relationship with clients quickly ,understanding what they want and how best to deliver that. I enjoyed the challenge of having just a few minutes to try and form a rapport. 

I really enjoy learning new things and I am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities.

Although I’m not familiar with the other contestants,but I’m sure there are a lot of talented impressive individuals applying for such an attractive position.

For me, I am not the tallest woman,prettiest face,best or perfect body,but I believe confidence and smile are always our best accessories.

To win a pageant, I do not need to be a super model. But I do have to wear my precious accessories ( confidence and smile ). And I can walk a confident walk. Thank you very much.

  • City : Rourkela
  • State : Odisha
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : Fitness trainer (Zumba,Yoga and Power yoga )
  • Education : MBA
Physical Attribute
  • Bust : 34
  • Waist : 26
  • Hip : 32
  • Dress Size : S
  • Shoes Size : 3 UK
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  5 inch
  • Weight : 50 Kg
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My First ever professional makeup shoot

Bridal Makeup Shoot.

  • Sheron Kalsi



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