Megumi Saito
Gurugram . Haryana . India . joined June, 2022

Megumi Saito



Born as the first-born daughter and raise in Saitama prefecture, Japan.

My first name Megumi( in Kanji) means to be blessed with people, nature and good opportunity and so on.

As the name indicate, my life is blessed with wonderful people and environment, so every day is full for me!!

Now I have parallel career and play 4 roles in social life.

Career1. As a sales person in india 

I have been working for trading company for 12 years. I am familiar with export business and electronic industry. I have many relationship with foreign clients so always try to study and update economic conditions, culture, religious customs regarding each countries. My achievement on the job was highly evaluated from not only my company but also my foreign clients, so I got promoted earlier than usual last year.

Career2. As a fitness participant

Last year, I got win twice at the famous Japanese and Indian fitness competition. Why I started this career is because I want to empower and support those who suffer from any diseases. Actually I got female disorder and took surgery 4 years ago. A big scar below my navel was left..I was very disappointed and I thought I could not wear swimsuit for life. But at the same time, I had an idea if I win the fitness competition with the scar, I may help people who have same trouble.

Fortunately I achieved my goal, and I am going to do his activity oversea.

Career3. As a body make adviser 

I had started this career at the same time as a fitness participant. Though women who have female disorder are increasing recently in Japan, few people can teach accurate information regarding nutrition and exercise.

I have some clients, so sometimes take One to One consulting, sometimes go to restaurant to support product development. This September I will take lesson toward collage students at one of the famous Japanese university. 

Career4. As an eldest daughter sometimes mom.

There are 4 people in my family: father, mother, young sister and me. But my mother was passed away in my twenties and after 2 years, my father passed away, too. So I always support my sister, sometimes as a mom... sometimes as a familiar friend. 


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    • Gurugram

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    • Haryana

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    • Fitness Coach

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    • Fitness competitior, model, coach, editor

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Teaching nutrition as  Organic food sommelier for 5 years 

Export business overseas and Japan for 13 years 

Fitness magazine editor for 2 years 

fitness model and competitor for 3 years 



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