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Megha C


" There is no small act of kindness. Every compassionate act makes large the world." - Mary Anne Radmacher. I completely believe in these words and agree that we cannot make better change for all livings but at we can try changing life of few living. I am IT professional and mom to three kids - one daughter and two canines and more passionately co-founder of NGO - HashTag-AdoptDntShop. Aim of my NGO is to help Indian pups get adopted and have family of their own. So many pups loose their mother, get relocated and starve or suffer, why not adopt our own breed who belong to this land and reduce their suffering on streets. Also less on street in urban world reduces man - animal conflicts. We also help suffering pregnant street dogs in delivery post which pups get adopted and mother dog get sterilized as I believe every female needs life of dignity particularly in that phase irrespective of species. I have completed 300+ adoptions and in touch with all of the families. It is so satisfying to see these kids happy and settled. All efforts worth it. I wish for that ideal world filled with compassion and love towards all species. 🙏 Regards, Megha C

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    • Bengaluru South

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    • Karnataka

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    • IT

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Project Details

 Adoption & Foster is important part of our routine. 

Work cycle for HashTag-AdoptDntShop Rescue->vet visit->foster-> adoption->follow up

Adoptions :

Adoption is a process where you feel connected and decide to make a canine part of your family. Though it is the emotional connection that decides a family to adopt a pet, we strongly recommend thinking about practical aspects such as - How the canine will be taken care, vaccination & sterilization, hours it has to stay alone, training & behaviour, amount of time daily spent with it and last but most importantly adoption is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT OF THE PET. We hand over a healthy, vaccinated pup and will provide all possible guidance and in turn expect safety & commitment towards the canine. 

Adoption Process:

- Fill in the adoption application found below.

- First screening call to discuss with family. We discuss with a minimum of 2 family members wherever applicable.

- Second screening call to finalize the adoption and opening of Introductory Whatsapp communication group.

- Submit a soft copy of Aadhar or driving license.

- Pick up the pet from foster or we can arrange a drop, as per discussion.

Note: The team holds the right to take back the pet in case of irresponsibility & lack of care.



Fostering is a very important process as that is building trust in a dog's mind upon humans. Dogs learn to socialize, trust, and develop comfortability with petting, cuddling, eating habits with their fosters. Our Team believes in fostering a dog for a minimum of 3 weeks before sending them to their forever home. 

Canines get initial health care and nutritious food to compensate for any underlying deficiencies or health issues. Deworming and first vaccination is the compulsory process during fostering. Throughout the foster process, we will stay in touch, providing any necessary guidance or assistance.

To put this in Indian mythological terms, Lord Krishna was first saved by Devaki (= Foster) before a healthy landing in Yashodha's arms (= Forever Home). 

Foster Process: 

- Fill in the foster application found below.

- First screening call to discuss with family. We discuss with a minimum of 2 family members wherever applicable.

- Submit a soft copy of Aadhar or driving license.

- We will drop off the dog at your given address.

Note: The team holds the right to take back the canine in case of irresponsibility & lack of care.


 Our Success Stories

Definition of Love, Loyalty & Companionship!!!  Lives that wagging tails touched!!! - Watch attached videos.

* 350+ pups rescued, fostered and sucessfully adopted to loving families. 

* TOI article where i sent my street pup to San Francisco with adopter family. (

* 5 preganant street dogs taken care, succesfully adopted pups and sterlized mother dogs. 

* 50 street dogs daily fed and their health responsibility taken. 

* yearly 9 in 1 vaccination and anti rabies vaccination monitored for ISRO Layout, Bangalore dogs. approximately 50 dogs. 


Complete Business Details

 HashTag-AdoptDntShop is a non-profitable organization. 

Adopt don't Shop is a philosophy where we promote the adoption of pets over the cruel practice of puppy mills breeding. Our country, India has millions of adorable Indie pups who deserve love and a forever home. So then, why shop when you can adopt these adorable puppers?! Our Animal Rescue is a completely volunteer-run operation, with our sole objective being to find these pups the love they truly deserve.  

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website :

fabebook page : @Hash-adoptdntshop



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