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Hello I am Madhu lata,I am a woman,a wife, a mother of 5 children - A HOMEMAKER. I did my graduation from chaudhary charan singh university . I am a home maker i works 24/7 to  build my family and bring in everyone together with their peace of mind. I have invested my whole life and knowledge to bring everyone together to help them achieve their goals. I myself a goal oriented person if I think of something to do I put my whole mind and heart together to get what I want or you can say I become stubborn at some time to achieve what I want and thats what I taught to my children that If you want something which does not hurt anyone just get and pull up your socks bring your heart and mind together and just follow your dream. I am an educated woman having 4 daughters and a son. My dream was to became an IAS Officer but due to household responsibilities I couldn't make it , but it didn't meant that I haven't tried I did for the first attempt but that dumped to a failure and for second attempt I got entangled between family chores and responsibilities. There was a time i won't introduce myself as litterate, educated person because society use to mock me that-"if u are educted graduated woman than why are you sitting at home and chose to be h house wife" that really affected me so I just stopped telling people that i am educted.I got shaken , after introspecting for a while i chose to be a "HOME MAKER" not just a "HOUSE WIFE". I started building my home my children providing them all access to better education, better morals,made them strong to face the brutal society and my husband stood by my decisions partnered me in every possible task for building our home our family. I couldn't afford big coaching institutes so I tutored my children by myself. Today I am proud that my eldest daughter is working in safdurjung hospital as nursing officer giving her service to nation in this pandemic, my second daughter completed her nursing from ahilya bai college of nursing and ready to set foot for nation, my 3rd daughter is doing bachelors of occupational therapist from pt. deen dayal upadhaya institute for physically handicapped and my youngests are preparing to set foot in the systgem and serve the society.Today I can proudly say that I AM A HOUSE MAKER because I made my house MY CHILDREN there is no lie to say that my whole sacrifices paid me well through my childrens succeess and its not the end I will shield my family from any unhappening and give them strength to conquere the world out there.

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 I completed my graduation 🎓 in 1994.

My real achievement is my family 😊.

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 In my business there is more lobour without any day off and in return you won't get any money but what you get is LOVE and RESPECT. sometimes it becomes so frustrating but everything come to a good end when you will see your family together at dinner time smiling laughing teasing one another which gives me sense of satisfaction and peace for my home and family safety. In my business you play various role:-

Manager- manages everything in the house from every wall to every inch i have to manage all ups and downs.

Accounts- dealing with all kind of budget , bills.

planner- I have to plan everything in home for the smooth functioning it can be current plans or future plans.

teacher- I have to teach about what is right what is wrong whats in our moral, teaches through their and my mistakes.

doctor- treating them for every possible trauma they are getting through

nurse- nourishing them with care and kindness heal them from within

conseler- counselling them for every possible situation redirecting them to correct way and proceed

lawyer- act as prosecuter, witness or sometimes as judge to some major and minor conflicting situations that can mess my home decorum or peace

builder- every inch of my house is build by me and my partners effort and sacrifice




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