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Bengaluru South . Karnataka . India . joined August, 2022

Lovely M


I'm Mrs Lovely M from Bangalore. I was a Trainer, a Coach and later became an Assistant Manager in the BPO sector for the International clients and I resigned my professional work in 2016 with a total experience of 15 years and then on I've been working on some of the social work projects by getting along with some of the social organizations.


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    • City :
    • Bengaluru South

    • State :
    • Karnataka

    • Category :
    • Social Activist

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    • Profession:
    • Assistant Manager

    • Education
    • Interior Designer

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Project Details

I want to take up projects which would be a betterment for  women empowerment , Rag pickers, migraine and slums in giving them a better life by  moving forward in creating a platform for all underprivileged to build a place where their can earn their living, and you can  be a part of this project platform with us. We will build this to bring the down trodden and the weaker society specially the women’s who are unemployed and uneducated  by  our helping hand, We can help our people, heal the divisions in our nation by training to help them to make their living and not allowing them to solicit on streets for a single meal. We are looking forward for organizations/NGO’s to help us the get projects which would uplift this weaker society. Some of the projects that we are looking forward are  :

  1. Train the unemployed & uneducated women’s which would help them to work and  make their living.
  2. Basic Computer Training for the youngster’s.
  3. Basic English speaking for youngster’s.
  4. Women Empowerment Training.






I from a very young age have passion to work for people , hence I've been working with other volunteers in many project since 2010 and they are mostly amongst the Ragpickers, migraine and slums and my greatest achievement is I volunteered to work on the frontline with mang orgainzations in supplying basic needs to the Ragpickers, migraine and slums during the 1st & 2nd Covid-19 wave.

Complete Business Details

I presently take up social work projects from organizations to make it a better place for the women empowerments, rag pickers, migraines and for the weaker societies who are rejected by this modern world.




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