Kavita Bardia
Delhi . Delhi . India . joined June, 2021

Kavita Bardia


I am Kavita Bardia. Food Blogger, YouTuber, Saree Drape Artist, NLP Practitioner, Life and Relationships Coach and Trainer, Fashion Designer. I drape sarees in 200 plus styles.


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    • City :
    • Delhi

    • State :
    • Delhi

    • Category :
    • Multi Talent

    • Email ID:
    • kavitabihanidb@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • YouTuber, Saree Drape Artist, Cooking Expert, NLP Practitioner, Life & Relationships Coach and Trainer.

    • Education
    • MBA in Marketing, NLP, ICF certified Coach & Trainer , Pursuing Law.

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Project Details

I am cooking Expert with Cooking channel on YouTube 

A saree Drape Artist. I Drape saree in 200 plus styles. Give saree Draping, wardrobe management, personality grooming classes.

I am life, relationships Coach & Trainer. I am fashion Designer. Blogger. I am blogger at Momspresso. 


My achievements are mentioned in link provided- https://docs.google.com/document/d/10DMQ2IJVnjdrvOI9cLulYF93j8NoBBPJNt4yPqbnMPw/edit

my Story got published in lifestyle Magazine-https://www.instagram.com/p/CPF3XNSr4UA/?utm_medium=copy_link

It got published in The Crazy Tales-  https://thecrazytales.com/its-not-important-to-cope-up-with-the-society-but-to-yourself-kavita-bardia/

Fashion Lifestyle Magazine also. 

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youtuber - Cooking channel- Food And Passion By Kavita Bardia - https://youtube.com/c/FoodandPassionbyKavitaBardia

The Drape Story By Kavita Bardia-- Saree Draping 

समीक्षा_The Analysis of Life - Motivational, life & Relationship Coach and Trainer 




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