Janani Rajesh Kannan
Chennai City South . Tamil Nadu . India . joined March, 2022

Janani Rajesh Kannan


I am in the pet caretaking business for almost 3 years. It all started when I adopted my first dog Ammu. She was rejected because of her gender. When we had to go out of station for a funeral we had dropped her at a boarding facility and she was beaten up there. That’s when I decided to start a home boarding facility for pets where they are given good care, food and love. I used the profit to help other street dogs like Ammu for their sterilisation and treatments. Soon I started making treats for dogs and that’s how I became a doggie treats & desserts chef at Doggie Chows. During the first lockdown due to covid few dogs came to our street in search of food and one of them settled in our street. He started protecting the street but people started abusing him because he was black in colour. They were ready to relocated him somewhere far away which is illegal and not right. My husband and I decided to adopt him and take care of him. We named him Mr.Karuvandu. He was already an adult dog so it took us six months to get him used to the home environment. He used to test my patience every second but we loved him unconditionally so we were ready to take any measures for him to be happy. All he wanted to do was run around and play like he used to. He was one of the reason I joined hands with a common friend and started a kennel based boarding service in Chennai - Bork N purr. With the profit we get from the business we use it to sterilise street dogs and help with their treatment. 

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    • City :
    • Chennai City South

    • State :
    • Tamil Nadu

    • Category :
    • Entrepreneur

    • Email ID:
    • ravichandran.janani22@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Founder and Managing Director at Ammu's Delight-pet daycare and boarding, Doggie Treats & Dessert Chef at Doggie Chows and Managing Partner at Ammu's Delight- Bork N Purr

    • Education
    • B.E B.Tech Biotechnology

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Project Details

 So far I have adopted 3 dogs, sterlised 7 dogs and i cook and feed around 30-40 dogs every alternate days, I help dogs in need of treatment by taking them to the vet and tending their wounds. This year we have decided to provide water bowls for street dogs, cats , cows, goats and other birds. One day i dream to save enough and start a shelter for the animals in need.


Complete Business Details

 Ammu's Delight - pet daycare and boarding: I run a homeboarding facility for pets. Here they are given all the love and care they deserve when their parents/owners go out on vacations adn holidays. At my homeboarding faclity i give preference to senior dogs who need more attention and love.

Doggie Chows: Doggie Chows is a dog and cat treat based company where i prepare homemade treats and food for dogs. all the foods i prepare are nutritious and good for the pets.

Ammu's Delight - Bork n Purr : This is a kennel based boarding facility where I joined hands with my partner and created a pet vacation resort where your dogs too can have fun when you are away on vacation. we have huge kennel spaces, huge run area for dogs, healthy meals prepared fresh everyday and lots of love and fun here.

All the profit goes to help the street dogs who need to be sterilisation, who need care and treatment.



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