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My self Indu Verma working as a principal in Delhi school. Dedicated towards my family and profession Mother of two younger kids. Working as a president and trustee of All india films and television associations for Delhi region. I myself registered for super woman award 2020. Thanking you

“ As we proceed, many times the preceding things starts flashing in our succeeding level which can be quite in agony for our growth but we can overpower that with our greatest will power. Forgetting things is not easy but we can choose to forget them, that’s where our real self will sustain. Diligence, sincerity and commitment can lead you to many new horizons.”

I am Ms. Indu Verma, Educationist, Social Activist,  Advisor for YSF Entrepreneurship Program, Trustee and President of AIFTAA (All India Film Television and Art Association) Delhi Region, Principal of Senior Secondary School in Delhi, Counselor, Member of Dilli Sahodaya and recently awarded as a Corona Warrior and recognized by Nari Ratan Award in March 2021. I was born in a middle class family with a military and Air Force background. My birth took place in a Military Hospital, Ambala Cantt. My father has served in Indian Air Force as Security and Counter Intelligence Officer for 38 years. As a kid with an inquisitive mind to explore the unexplored spaces in our own homeland, I was lucky enough to live in transient as we used to shift from places including Assam, Bangalore, Jammu, Prayagraj, Jodhpur etc. because of my father’s job. I did my nursery schooling in Assam, started my elementary schooling in a Convent School in Jammu, completed my high school in Jodhpur, Senior secondary from Kendriya Vidhyalya and graduated from Karnataka University in Belgaum, Karnataka. I proceeded for my Post graduation in M.A, M.Ed from MD University in Rohtak.

I gave a break from further qualifying degrees to be employed as a teacher. My first reflection on being a teacher was that my own sense of understanding for imparting knowledge among others is satisfying. In my 22 years of my journey educational field from being a class teacher to being a Principal, I learned a lot, understood and overcame every obstacle, learned to practice kindness and not be impulsive. I believe, if I can make a student smile, who feels he/she has nothing to smile about or nothing to learn in a good way ; if I can teach a lesson along with practical considerations of real life and clarifies the concept ; if I can boost the morale and self esteem of a child ; boost confidence in my children and most importantly, if I was not being harsh on my students and gave them a sense of allowance to share their problems with me, then, I feel I have created a difference. Now when I recollect my journey, I feel so proud of myself and most importantly I am proud of my path that I chose wisely without delaying. I climbed the ladder gradually in education department from a teacher, then a coordinator and finally a Principal but we are humans, we keep on searching and growing so I don’t intend to stop anyhow.

My work as a Principal of a school is very complex. I am, among many roles, the instructional leader, the evaluator, the manager and the learner. Anyway, when I took up teaching, the teacher’s profile had completely changed. The students, their parents, the administration, lesson plans, observation reports, report cards, bulletin boards, assemblies, skits, national and international competitions, standardized testing – the list is endless but I continued to find ways to keep the standard high in the classroom. My teaching philosophy is simple as pie: Teach like it is your last day today! Try to give your abecedarians all of your knowledge so that knowledge can grow and expand to an extent where novelties can bloom and be implemented in order to exercise them for bridging up the loopholes which exist in our societies presently. I believe bookish language can only sustain for a tentative time being but the extraction of that bookish language is our understanding which can help in brushing up our existing skills. So skills matters the most in a practical world.

As life is not a bed of roses, hardships are inevitable, my struggles have been a great teacher for my emotional growth. Family issues were there, I faced some brutal experiences which I handled maturely. My kids and my husband are always there eventually. That is what matters the most at the end. My social circle is helpful and makes a great deal of healthy relationships in my life. I have an expanded social circle including many esteem educationists.  

I plan to celebrate my 25 years of experience in the field of education with my former students, colleagues, many acquaintances and old friends. I attended many conferences and consortiums, served in many social causes and workshops. I have been an adventure geek my entire life and have travelled a lot in India and some international spaces. Every new place is so beautiful which shows different sides of my moral sense and capture every moment with my heart. Travel can be the best companion for anyone at any point in their life.

My vision seems transparent to be me for educating every class of society and reduce the inequalities between children or wipe off the prejudice for less privileged children to learn quality education and have good quality life ahead.


- Naari Ratan Samman on International Women’s Day March 2021.

- Certificate of Social Service of M.R.D Welfare Society

- Achievement Award 2019 from Buddha Education Foundation for Best School

- Certificate and Award for contributing towards National Cancer Control Program

- Certificate for Capsule Course on Civil Administration for Air Force Officers by HQ WAC, Indian Air Force.

- Measure of Achievement by Silver Zone Foundation for Promising School Teacher.

- Certificate from Air Force Commanding Officer on Disciplinarian grounds in School.

- COVID Warrior Award on World Health Day.

- And many more recognitions and awards for best school, teacher and Principal.

I was fortunate to join the Live Talk with Dr K.K Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee, President, HCFI & CMAAO on the topic Non-inflammatory food habits in children. Unfortunately he passed away due to COVID-19. I had an immense pleasure to hear him talk about his wisdom, his wise train of thoughts and his factual knowledge on vital agendas. We all will miss him dearly.

I, most importantly as a human being first would like to offer my sympathy to all the grieving families in this gory events of a monstrous pandemic that took several lives. We should know to be healthy and safe and maintain proper protocols without any lack of responsibility. I miss offline school sessions and daily simple activities in a school, my children, we will get this and strive together for a better world soon. This dystopian timing will be soon over and we will hear the school ringbells again. Don’t stress yourself, keep your physical health at the best and mental health very proper. In these unprecedented times, we can learn to be cautious for future. Your golden days will be back.

Kudos to your hardwork and good luck.

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