Dr. Garima Kirola
Delhi . Delhi . India . joined July, 2022

Dr. Garima Kirola


Dr. Garima is a qualified dentist and a trainer by profession. She is a Soft-skills Trainer and Communication Coach. She launched her own venture – Kiddocracy – that has mentored several people across age groups in US, Dubai, Malaysia and India.

She is a TEDx trainer who helps others in crafting their speeches and preparing them in delivering their TEDx talk. She has also created a course on ‘The Art and Science of Communication’ to help people hone their public speaking skills.

Garima has summarized over 14 years of her experience and created a course on Parenting. Through this course, her aim is to guide other parents as they embark on their parenting journey.

She has been an active contributor to ‘Project Enable (Super 60)’, an initiative by GBTC trust, an NGO based out of Ayodhya. Its primary mission is to support and mentor 120 students belonging to low-income families.

Garima has also worked with another NGO ‘AIKM Group’ where she mentored and trained the youth of Jammu and Kashmir under Project UDAAN – an initiative by the Govt. of India.


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    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • garimakirola@gmail.com

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    • Communication Coach

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    • Certification in Instructional Design

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Project Details

 Apart from helping our students in their English learning journey, Kiddocracy has always believed in giving back to the community. We have been a part of GBTC trust frim the day of its inception, from June 2021, and had contibuted in all their projects. We have started an initiative 'Read to Lead' to instill the love of reading in kids and all the proceeds of this bookclub are donated to the GBTC trust and their projects.

Recently, in June 2022, a new proect was launched under the name 'Project Enable Super 60+' The event was covered by the local media and can be viewed from 7:20 minutes. The link for the same- https://youtu.be/I3WooT1TcaQ

She has created and successfully running closed Facebook group of committed students who are learning and practising the art of public speaking. She’s also a co-founder of ‘The Kickass Accountability Group’ where she is guiding and mentoring working professionals to become confident and effective speakers.


She has been invited in many events as a keynote speaker or judge.

As a mentor, she has helped many of her students face their deepest fears and overcome them. 

Her 14-year-old mentee has published her first book 'Elements- The Lost Medallion' which was nominated and was among the three finalists in Jagran Josh Education Awards 2022.

Two of our mentees, a doctor and a grade 10 student, have recently given their first TEDx talks in the last three months.

We also run many free-of-cost webinars to help the community with their language struggles.

Complete Business Details

After having worked as Language and Soft-Skill Trainer for other organisations, Dr. Garima started her own venture- Kiddocracy- an online platform, with a goal to overcome the fear and inculcate the love of English language. 

Kiddocracy exposes kids to the world of Creative Writing to help bring their imagination to life. Many of her students are in the process of writing their own books and one of our mentees had recently published her first book in the month of January. The platform prepares students, job seekers and corporate employees to hone their communication skills and share share their thoughts confidently.

Over the past one year, Kiddocracy has expanded its operations across United States, UAE, Malaysia, in addition to strengthening its position in India.



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