Dr Swati Pai
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Dr Swati  Pai


I am an allopathic doctor by profession, studied aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, and semipermant inking techniques, with diet and nutrition, with aim of being able to help persons for whom cosmetic treatment is needed but not given weightage , or who can't afford eg cancer patients genetic disorders and acid attack victims. Integration of cosmetology and aesthetic practice in the mainstream medicine to help Cancer Vitiligo , Acid Burn attack victims is my vision. I have practiced for 9years and also started my own Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Advanced Cosmetology

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Project Details

 My project consists of helping all who medically need cosmetic treatment. 

Persons having real need for cosmetology are being treated free of charge .

I cannot upload pics of these persons since already they suffer trauma in society. 

I cannot share their before after pics on social media .

However my general patient work is on display at dr.swatiskinaesthetics  instagram 



 I have completed MBBS from the Goa Medical College .

After which have practiced for 9 years 

I have further done Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine , Many semipermanent inking courses

Camoflague technology,  

Post graduate diploma in clinical diet and nutrition. 

Have given multiple talks , and conducted multiple camps for free

Complete Business Details

 I have worked for 9 years in canacona general practice. 

Passion for Aesthetics and the need of conversion of those persons that need cosmetic treatment post

Medical issues has made me venture into this field .

Besides role of diet and nutrition in Aesthetics is where I intend to strive more 

Bringing about a more holistic beauty from within approach.



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