Dr Sarmistha Debbarma
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Dr Sarmistha Debbarma


Hi, I am Dr. Sarmistha Debbarma working as Veterinary Officer at Animal Resources Development Department, Govt of Tripura, India. I have done my B.V.Sc & AH and specialization for my M.V.Sc in Veterinary Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence from West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, India. Along with my present professional role, currently I am pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Welfare from IGNOU, New Delhi to enhance my understanding of animal welfare laws and regulations over the world. I am a serving Veterinary Officer and my professional work involves clinical practice, administrative roles and involvement in policy issues at regional level. I am responsible for supervision, implementation and maintenance of government programs towards improvement of animal health and prevention & control of diseases/outbreaks as well. I am ardently interested in Animal ethics and jurisprudence since graduate days and it motivated me to pursue specialize in the same field. I have >10 yrs experience in Veterinary Medicine, with strong background in small-animal medicine, surgery and critical care providing quality healthcare to animals,Veterinary education and administration.

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    • City :
    • West Tripura

    • State :
    • Tripura

    • Category :
    • Veterinary Doctor

    • Email ID:
    • medicinenet2020@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Veterinary

    • Education
    • MVSc (Veterinary Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence)

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Project Details

 I am currently involved in collaborative research projects with Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Assam and Consultancy for Environmental and Human Toxicology & Risk Assessment (CEHTRA), New Delhi and some Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Government of India wherein we are trying to do a scoping study of Medicinal plants of North Eastern India having Ethno-Veterinary importance. Our work will result in a publication in a peer reviewed journal.

I have recently worked on a colloborative project with AAU, Assam; CEHTRA, Delhi; Mahisah Perspicientia LLP, Assam and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Diphu, Assam which resulted in a publication of a book chapter in Springer Protocols titled: Immune Assays as Diagnostic for Pig Viral Diseases  [Link: https://link.springer.com/protocol/10.1007/978-1-0716-2043-4_24].

My 2 other projects which have resulted in publications (under pipeline) with myself as lead author in both to be published under Wiley and Elsevier Publications are:

(1) Neglected Parasitic Infections: History to Current Status [Wiley Publications].

(2) Microbial genomics and modulation in ruminants: An environmental perspective withspecial reference to methane migration [Elsevier Publications].

I have an active interest in policy and research along with my regular duties as a field Veterinarian and administrator and my professional work involved working across these domains.


(1) Young Scientist Award in the field of Animal Welfare-2021 by Society of Agricultural Research and Social Development, New Delhi (06.09.2021).

(2) Awarded Life Membership Certificate for outstanding contributions in the field of Veterinary Medicine by Society of Agricultural Research and Social Development, New Delhi (04.09.2021).

(3) Awarded lifetime full membership of International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS), Japan [M21051501] for promoting science and practice in all aspects of environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability (2 June 2021). 

Complete Business Details

 I Dr. Sarmistha Debbarma have been serving as a Veterinary Officer in the pristine North eastern state of Tripura since March’2010. My professional duties involve clinical practice, administrative roles and implementation of government schemes and policies at regional level. My work is focussed on the improvement of animal health, prevention & control of diseases/outbreaks as a field veterinarian as well as proper implementation of various government run programs as an administrator. I have been actively involved in field throughout my professional tenure with the motivation to reach out to the last mile agricultural, animal husbandry and farming community. I have also been involved in teaching and shared my learnings not only from academic but also from real life field situations with my students. As a member of Health Advisory Committee at Sepahijala Zoo, I have been actively involved in treatment, welfare and environmental enrichment of zoo animals as well.

As an administrator I have actively participated in the smooth implementation of various schemes and projects wherein I have supervised Sample Survey report of Summer Season for census, inspection of stores and purchasing of medicines, vaccines, other inputs etc. to ensure supply of essential stock for distribution towards animal health, worked as a member for ATMA and National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture towards effective reach in rural areas for farmers and improving animal husbandry practices.

In my pursuit for serving the profession and learning, I have always been keen on taking up challenging roles wherein I could make an impact with my work. I had observed during village visits that the women in rural households are good with financial management but do not have opportunities to earn any money or start a business. To work on this issue, as a technical expert under project “Establishment of Bio-village”, I was involved in distribution of improved breeds of goatling. I could support the rural women in the husbandry as well as marketing practices to support their families and uplift their financial situation. In Tripura mostly the farmers own non-descript breeds of cattle with limited milk production, and very farmers have been able to purchase and maintain pure breed cattle. To ensure the better managemental practices and breed improvement, I have conducted many awareness, capacity building camps, fertility camps as well as breed upliftment through AI along with knowledge dissemination regarding vaccination and common disease and their preventive methods. Most of the population is tribal and piggery is a robust enterprise in Tripura, as a result the piggery is a main animal husbandry of interest as involves minimal costs and maintenance with good economic returns. I have been part of various schemes as well as capacity building and awareness programs, and have been part of witnessing many farmers in successfully uplifting their economic status.

In a country with major GDP flow from agriculture and allied activities, I believe Veterinary profession has immense potential to contribute to the ambitious government schemes such as Doubling Farmer’s Income 2022 through animal farm management and helping in uplifiting the small and marginal framers and agricultural sector as a whole



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