Dr Babar Afzal
Jammu . Jammu & Kashmir . India . joined October, 2021

Dr Babar Afzal


Shepherd, Social Worker & Founder www.pashminagoatproject.com



Babar is a sustainability and climate change crusader from Jammu & Kashmir (Indian Himalayas). His journey is a one which is an intertwine of several different threads. It’s about a man who quit his Silicon Valley career and became a shepherd in Jammu & Kashmir. And took upon himself to guard the roots of the eco-system and gift the perfection that is Pashmina, to the world and in the process give back as much to the community that has selflessly given us the finest fabric known to man. Babar is now a Pashmina Goat Shepherd and a Pashmina Abstract Artist from past 10 years. He holds a vision to democratize the authentic Pashmina eco-system of the world and break the monopolies of this industry in favour of the communities at the bottom of the pyramid, while conserving and enhancing the life of the Pashmina goats and delivering on 8 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals. He is an Author, Artist and the founder of the #PashminaGoatProject and has a dream of brining in lasting peace in the region of Kashmir through economics and educations through Pashmina eco-system that has directly and indirectly one million people linked to it for their livelihood and survival.


Recipient of multiple national and international awards and fellowships and featured regularly in state, national and international media, he has been referred many a time as "The most credible man and voice on Pashmina in the world". Babar is a proud recipient the Shri. Rabindranath Tagore Award, Dr. B R Ambedkar Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, The Karmaveer Chakra Silver and Bronze Medals (instituted with UN), Bharat Gaurav Award, the Promising Indian Award, Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by AACC, Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate Ph.D) Peace and Humanity (CIAC), Paramount Medallion of Honor, Scion of Magna Mater (WPDO), International Peace Governor (WPDO), Champion of the Earth Award 2021, Global Change Makers Award 2021. He is a WIRED Innovation Fellow (UK), REX Global Fellow (UN) and a seven times TEDx Speaker and a TED Residency Finalist. Babar has been profiled by TIME Magazine, BBC, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, ABP News, Republic TV and over 600 newspapers and magazines and news portals. His life and work was chosen for making a documentary film ‘The Call of Pashmina’ by international directors. The documentary has won several international awards in India, USA and Germany and has been screened across all the continents as a story of internal change and inspiration.


Babar has been profiled by TIME Magazine “The Genius Issue”, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg etc.


Dr. Babar Afzal is an Ex-McKinsey Analyst and a Profiled Ethical Hacker. He is a Bachelor in Electronics and a Post Graduate in Business and holds over 20 International Business, Cutting Edge Technology and Sales Certifications (including CISSP, CCIE, PMP, CBE, CBA, Certified Blockchain Expert and Certified Blockchain Architect).


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    • City :
    • Jammu

    • State :
    • Jammu & Kashmir

    • Category :
    • Social Workers

    • Email ID:
    • babarafzal@yahoo.com

    • Profession:
    • Social Work

    • Education
    • Ph.D

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·         Recipient the Shri. Rabindranath Tagore Award

·         Recipient Dr. B R Ambedkar Award

·         Recipient Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award

·         Recipient The Karmaveer Chakra Silver Medals (instituted with UN)

·         Recipient The Karmaveer Chakra Bronze Medals (instituted with UN)

·         Recipient Bharat Gaurav Award

·         Recipient Promising Indian Award

·         Recipient Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by AACC

·         Recipient Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate Ph.D) Peace and Humanity (CIAC)

·         Recipient Paramount Medallion of Honor, Scion of Magna Mater (WPDO)

·         Recipient International Peace Governor (WPDO)

·         Recipient WIRED Innovation Fellow (UK)

·         Recipient REX Global Fellow (UN)

·         Eight Times TEDx Speaker

·         TED Residency Finalist (NY).

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