Saumya & Mahima Varma
Kolkata . West Bengal . India . joined March, 2022

Saumya &  Mahima Varma


Saumya and Mahima Varma (sisters) have taken over Calcutta Foundation in 2020, that was started by our grandmother over 30 years ago. in 2020, in response to the pandemic to foundation provided relief to over 1,00,000 people in 23 areas around West Bengal. They worked continuously to respond to the unique needs of the people - providing rations, sanitisers, masks, hygiene kits and even tarpoline to rebuild homes after Amphan hit in June 2020. In 2021, during the second wave while ration distributions continued, we focused on providing free vaccinations to over 5,000 people. Along with awareness campaigns and vaccination registrations support to accelerate vaccinations in remote communities. Along with this, Calcutta Foundation in 2021 shifted focus on creating financial independence for women in our communities. Through our flagship project Apni Kutir, we create physical spaces to accelerate human potential - to help every women achieve true financial independence. Starting with skills development, Apni Kutir offers counselling, career opportunities, entrepreneurship workshops, family events, motivational speakers, women's health interventions and individual documentation support to create a holistic and nurturing environment to every aspect of a woman's progress. In one year, we have set up 4 centres and worked with over 1,000 women directly. Alongside our physical centres, Calcutta Foundation has worked to create a digital community of 260,000 people across 19 states and 75 districts to provide short term digital employment opportunities. With collaborations with organizations like Microsoft Research India, Navana Tech, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, J-Pal South Asia, IIT Madras, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we have been able to provide short-term employment opportunities paying Rs.1 a task or INR 1,000 for one hours work to create increased income in these areas. With a legacy of compassion, Calcutta Foundation lead by Saumya and Mahima Varma (26 and 23 years) have worked tirelessly to support this wide network of people.

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    • City :
    • Kolkata

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    • West Bengal

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    • Entrepreneur

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    • Directors of Calcutta Foundation

    • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts

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