Dr. Rishabh Verma
Dehradun . Uttarakhand . India . joined October, 2022

Dr. Rishabh Verma

Entrepreneur Dehradun

Entrepreneur Dr. Rishabh Verma

Dr. Rishabh Verma Entrepreneur Dehradun

Entrepreneur Dr. Rishabh Verma from Dehradun<

Entrepreneur Dehradun

Dr. Rishabh Verma Entrepreneur Dehradun


When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and being able to do every kind of physical and mental activity in the best state, no one can help achieve this better than Dr. Rishabh Verma, CEO of the top leading nutrition company, Nutrillion. 

Dr. Rishabh Verma is an inspiration to the Nutrition and health care industry. He is also a great asset to every person in the world struggling with Medical conditions, like Obesity, chronic diseases, heart diseases, and other medical problems. 

Dr. Rishabh Verma has worked for years as a professional nutritionist, his achievements have been a result of his passion to create a world free from diseases and any kind of health problem. 

Dr. Rishabh Verma believes in the theory behind personalized nutrition, which comes with nutrition-based diets, genetic testing, genetic profiling, and the uncountable truth that poor nutrition causes a large percentage of diseases, both physically and mentally globally. 

Dr. Rishabh Verma has been awarded numerous certificates and achievements, which are a testament to his dedication and visions. He has been granted a diploma in weight loss, Master's level and advanced specialization in nutrition and clinical dietetics, Genetic nutrition specialist, cancer nutritionist, diabetics educator, health coach, and numerous major credentials.

About Nutrillion (www.nutrillion.in)

Nutrillion company is the destination to living a healthy lifestyle. This company has been built by a team of professional nutritionists, dieticians, and research scientists who have dedicated years of effort to modify and effectively utilize the theory of personalized nutrition to help people all over the world. Nutrillion has become a name that people all over the world trust to help them lose weight, manage chronic and heart diseases, stay fit and stay healthy. 

Nutrillion uses scientific tests like nutrition-based genetic testing to develop a highly customized nutrition plan to help boost people's body overall health and help manage any underlying diseases. 

 Nutrillion company has helped hundreds of people lose weight and manage countless diseases from countries like India, the USA, Afghanistan, Canada, Singapore, and others.

One of the reasons why people put their trust in Nutrillion is because of its dedication to pursuing its visions and mission. Nutrillion company’s top vision is to discontinue the view of generalized nutrition by introducing highly personalized nutrition aimed to solve the declining state of global health. 

The company utilizes numerous technologies, and scientific techniques to create a healthy nutritional plan aimed to improve the health of the world. Nutrillion prioritizes quality over quantity in terms of food, this means that Nutrillion believes not all foods are beneficial for health, and also believes that you can also eat as much as your body requires so long as it is a nutrient-sufficient healthy meal. 


Likewise, Nutrillion’s mission is to create a disease-free country, a country where people don’t suffer from the effects of illness, pandemics, skin diseases, and numerous other medical conditions.

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    • Body Anatomist from Lionel University California USA, Cancer Nutritionist, Advanced Diabetes Educator, Specialization in Advanced Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics

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Project Details


 1. Won Icons of Asia Awards as Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 at Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi on May 2022

2. Recieved Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 by prestigious magazine Business Outreach Magazine and got featured in magazine.

3. Featured as 100 Powerful Personalities by leading news channel Glantor X and recieved award for the same.

4. Got featured in various leading magazines like entrepreneur stories, fox interviewer and many more.

5. In January 2023, launching a book Inspiring Leader's 2022 and it will be available on Amazon and Kindle from January 2023.

Complete Business Details


Our weight management programs help optimize weight loss, no matter how serious it is. We understand that everyone has different body types, and due to our genetics losing or gaining weight may be difficult or easy, depending on each individual. This is why we have fully personalized our weight management plans for each body type. 


Currently, the prevalence of obesity in India accounts for over 40%, and Obesity comes with numerous fatal diseases. These reports are not just because people live a sedentary lifestyle but also because most people don’t know what to eat and what food emeritus or harms them genetically.


Nutrillion uses genetic and gut microbiome tests to determine what allergies you may have, deficiencies, and why you can’t gain or lose. We utilize this information to create a plan to make you gain or lose weight. Our weight management plans include; 




Gaining weight constantly, even with the littlest meals, can be very frustrating and even take a toll on people's mental health. 


 Nutrillion helps people lose weight by managing their meal plans and lifestyle patterns. Also, our company utilizes genetic tests and other safe scientific tests to determine the root causes of your body gaining weight. We work alongside these reports and help you lead a fast-paced lifestyle to enable people's weight loss journey and make them fit again.




People often feel that only obesity or being overweight can lead to weight-based medical issues, but being underweight is also a significant cause of diseases globally. 


Nutrillion offers a great weight gain plan to help you add extra calories and pounds. We utilize gene tests to determine the reason why you are unable to gain weight. 


Being Underweight has been known to cause significant diseases like thyroid, diabetes, and other medical conditions. With the help of tests and customized weight gain plans that include personalized nutrition and diet plans, Nutrillion help people  gain weight effectively and push you towards a healthier lifestyle. 




Nutrillion’s therapeutic plans focus on helping you manage and treat diseases like PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, and numerous other conditions. We utilize the science of personalized nutrition to help cure many diseases. Most of the time, certain food items consumed and avoided help people correct numerous deficiencies and illnesses. Globally the rate of infections has risen, and people struggle daily with different ailments. 


A good percentage of these diseases include diabetes, thyroid, and others. Nutrillion helps people fight these diseases and utilize its therapeutic plans, which are highly customized based on individual body type and genetics. Nutrillion uses its therapeutic intention to monitor people's body response to certain food types. We use these reports to create a personalized diet plan that can cure and help manage numerous diseases.



PCOS/PCOD is the imbalance caused by hormones in the ovaries, which creates excessive male hormones. PCOS/PCOD is a disease of the ovaries that makes your body produce high levels of male hormones called androgens; this leads to imbalances in the hormones of the ovary.


PCOS/PCOD has numerous symptoms, including excessive menstrual pain, acne, inflammation, missed periods, uncertain ovulation, and the development of cysts in the ovary, which can cause a lack of ovulation. Nutrillion helps people resolve the issue of PCOS/PCOD with personalized nutrition, which can boost people's body health and help them have good menstrual days and ovulations. 


PCOS/PCOD is also a significant factor of difficulties in pregnancy which is why Nutrillion offers the proper guidance and helps create nutrient-sufficient meal plans customized to manage PCOS/PCOD. These meal plans include anti-inflammatory foods, fruits, and vegetables. 



Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in India. People with diabetes have fluctuating blood sugar levels, and managing your blood sugar level is very important. Nutrillion helps people manage diabetes by maintaining and stabilizing their blood sugar levels to lower the effects of diabetes. 



Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a non-communicable disease caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels, which puts harmful loads on the heart. Hypertension has been popularly known as a silent killer and is the cause of millions of deaths globally. According to the world health organization (WHO), 30% of diseases are caused by unhealthy foods and drinking habits. 


 A healthy diet plays a significant role in managing blood pressure and looking at a blood pressure diet chart, people will understand that managing their physical activity is very important for managing their blood pressure and making their heart stronger. 


Hence, Nutrillion provides a proper meal plan that helps people avoid salt intake, which is significant advice for anyone struggling with blood pressure. We also offer a great meal plan filled with nutrient-based foods and fruits to help to lower and manage your blood pressure. Our personalized nutrition plans are based on your genetic reports to determine if saturated fats or high salt is suited for your body. This strategy helps us create the perfect plan for your normal blood pressure and healthy life. 



Currently, thyroid-related diseases are rampant globally. The Thyroid is an organ in our body that produces hormones that ensure healthy work and efficient metabolism in our body. A healthy thyroid is fundamental, especially for women, because thyroid diseases occur primarily in females. Nutrillion uses blood tests of T3, T4, and TSH to determine if people have bad thyroid health or if their thyroid is functioning normally. One of the ways Nutrillion helps with bad thyroid health and weight loss is by using a highly personalized nutrition plan according to people's body makeup. The thyroid hormones control the rate of numerous activities in people's bodies; these include how fast you burn calories, and your heart beats. Bad thyroid health can affect people's body metabolism and cause weight gain.  


Nutrillion helps determine thyroid diseases using special tests. The various tests help determine the root cause of the disorders, and Nutrillion uses personalized nutrition plans to help people control and manage their thyroid to a normal range. 



The liver is the organ that produces cholesterol, and we also get cholesterol from foods we consume, like milk, eggs, and other animal products. The liver produces less cholesterol if you consume many food substances, which means dietary cholesterol significantly impacts our body’s total cholesterol levels. 


Nutrillion creates a highly personalized nutrition plan based on people's genetic reports and blood reports to determine the root causes of cholesterol diseases in your body. We ensure people get the proper diet changes that involve consuming healthier fruits and vegetables as well as soluble fibers to help them load up on unsaturated fats, which can lower their cholesterol levels considerably as well as reduce the risk of heart diseases. 



Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that occurs when you eat gluten foods. The human body cannot digest Gluten foods properly. If people are struggling with Celiac disease and consume gluten products like wheat, barley, and rye, this can harm and upset their stomachs. An example is people who have diarrhea and nausea after eating any products made from wheat, rye, and barley. 


 Nutrillion uses various tests to determine if you have celiac disease. Some of the tests include blood tests that utilize the antibodies inside your body and genetic tests that accurately tell if you have the disease or not. Nutrillion is the best place for people to be able to treat celiac disease, and our genetic tests are safe and provide them with personalized nutrition according to their body’s gene test reports. 



According to the world health organization, in 2021, cancer was one of the top diseases that caused the most deaths globally. In 2020, 1 in six death was caused by cancer, and this disease accounted for over 10 million deaths. Even with the overwhelming death rate, there are still not enough readers here who study how specific foods and eating habits cause cancer and how specific healthy diets and eating plans can help cancer treatment and positively affect the quality of one’s life. 


Hence, Nutrillion provides a good nutrition plan that can help people stay healthy, and we utilize gene tests and reports to determine their genetic nutrition and allergies. We also use our tests to determine the precise nutrition strategies required to create a personalized nutrition ideal for cancer patients. Supplementation is a vital treatment process in fighting cancer, and Nutrillion helps people have all the essential supplementation their body needs. 



Nutrillion offers a healthy personalized nutrition plan that is very important during the pregnancy period. A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy creates a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. During the pregnancy phase, a lot of pregnant women feel starved for certain types of foods they call ‘pregnancy cravings. Most times, people have no clue what types of foods they should consume and what foods they should avoid during pregnancy. And this is because there is no one to guide them. 


Thus, Nutrillion helps you create a highly specialized personalized nutrition plan which allows people to stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby. A customized meal plan during pregnancy will give people all the essential fruits and vegetables that keep them healthy and safe.


Also, Nutrillion provides all the essential nutrition to help make people and their babies healthy and prevent complications during their pregnancy. Numerous good cravings can occur during the pregnancy period, and some of these cravings can be unhealthy for the body because they don’t have the essential vitamins and minerals and contain harmful fatty acids. Nutrillion helps people choose healthy alternatives to these cravings, which include food substances like yogurt, ice cream, baked kale chips, and other alternatives that are just as tasty but even more healthy. 



Nutrition is essential for athletes and people that love sports; this is because the energy that is used to play games comes from good. Nutrition is an integral part of sports performance that helps all sports players grow and develop optimally. Macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as micronutrients like vitamins and minerals with the proper hydration, are an essential nutrition plan to help provide people with sufficient energy for any physical activity and your body’s growth. 


Nutrillion helps people have the proper supplementation for games to perform optimally. We also provide the appropriate nutrition and a well-balanced diet plan to help people win games and play in the healthiest state. 



Kids are highly prone to various diseases due to their developing bodies. Most kids also aren’t able to eat properly due to their aversion to food at their early growing stages. These can be exhausting for both parents and guardians because not only are they a bundle of energy, but if they don’t eat right, they could fall seriously Ill. 


Most times, a lot of mothers do not know how to deal with the issue of their children not eating correctly; this is why Nutrillion provides the best-personalized nutrition plans focused on kid's health and growth and ensuring they have the proper nutrition filled with all the vitamins and minerals their body needs. As children develop, their body requires the same healthy foods adults consume, along with more vitamins and minerals to support their body’s fast-paced growth. Hence, Nutrillion offers healthy and equally tastier options like blueberry yogurts which are high in nutrients and are beneficial for kids. We also use genetic reports to educate people on the allergies, deficiencies, and genetic makeup of children.



Nutrillion special occasion services are for people with important days and events close by who want to gain or lose weight and ensure they look perfect on their special days. Our special occasion services are ideal for couples before their weddings, engagements, or anniversaries. Nutrillion understands that these special days are significant for the bride and groom, and make sure people look their best on their special day.



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