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Dr Shachii

Ahmedabad City

Dr Shachii

Dr Shachii Ahmedabad City

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Ahmedabad City

Dr Shachii Ahmedabad City



Armed with a master’s degree in dental surgery & cosmetic dentistry, 7 gold medals to her credit and 24 years of experience in practicing conservative dentistry, Dr. Shachi is an excellent dentist who will opt to save your teeth before considering extraction. Being a “tooth doctor” is her vocation but being a “word doctor” is her passion! That is how her language venture MAAHI language solution was born; - a one-stop solution for all your language and content needs! As a single mom, her focus is her children and she practices dentistry under the umbrella of DHEER dental consultancy; both ventures named after her children.Being a very social person, she loves to interact with people and learn more about them. At a time in her life when she really needed it, strong empowered women like the ones in Buddhism, KonnectWomen, Sheunite, Bizo, B+women, etc gave her empathy and the strength to grow as a content writer and she vowed then, to return back to the society what she had gained. As a leader and influencer now, she has plans to do just that…. Help and support women to grow personally and in Business, the way she did in her surprise venture of Languages. Above all, becoming a good human being should be one’s aim and people skills and diplomacy need to be honed to perfection to succeed in any organization. She strives for this perfection for personal growth and that of others around her. At the end of the day, it is not who claps for you or praises you but more who thinks of you with a fond smile on their face. She thus believes in GROWTH through positive connections.


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 She has always been a perfectionist & an over-achiever and the gold medals and Goa University awards were just a happy accident of this obsessive compulsion to gain validation.

Besides her master's degree in Prosthodontics (Master of Dental Surgery) with 3 gold medals to her credit, she has earned 26 diplomas & certifications including a PG Diploma in TESOL in the last 5 years for her venture Maahi Language solution and she believes that the learning process should be lifelong for every individual and she continues to strive to upgrade herself everyday as she keeps attending courses and earning certifications! 

Complete Business Details

Dheer Dental Consultancy: Consultant Maxillofacial & Cosmetic Prosthodontist in several trust Hospitals and private clinics helping people to replace missing parts of the head face and neck including missing teeth with zirconia crowns and dentures as well as  implant supported structures. She also offers lectures as a  Forensic Odontologist to several universities as a visiting faculty for Pharmacy and Law students.

Maahi Language Solution: Offering 37 content and Language related services across 9 languages. Certified and trained trainer for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT, PSAT, UKVI, OET, CELPIP, Etc with a PG Diploma in TESOL, she offers SEO content for web pages, brochures, flyers, video scripts, radio jingles, insta stories, blogs and much much more. Proof reader, copy editor, copy writer and ghostwriter are a few names for her, she also offers brand name and tagline combinations, etc.

Chapter Head of Konnect Women CWIN Champions , a networking group of only female entrepreneurs with around 100 women under her wing.

Member of several networking and women empowerment associationsa as well as NGOs.



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