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The victim has been working in human service for almost 10 years. I am also performing various responsibilities of social service. In which for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Sanitation Survey 2018, Municipality Officer Gadarwara District Narsinghpur M.P. I was appointed as the brand ambassador. Since the beginning of the Cleanliness India campaign, I have been working towards cleanliness since the year 2012.Due to which, the state was the smallest brand ambassador for cleanliness work. After which the Swachhata Brand Ambassador of the entire Madhya Pradesh for active participation and public awareness in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by the NGO Conservation Board with the aim of participation in the schemes of the government on the basis of the rules of the powers obtained under the Societies Registration Act 1973 No. 44 of Madhya Pradesh. Appointed.It is noteworthy that apart from activism in social service, I also have a special identity in the field of literature. I have also written three books on Swami Vivekananda's youth call. On which the President has also received good wishes. Non-political youth who are neither members nor supporters of any party, party.In spite of this, its youth has provided considerable popularity. Living in the voluntary organization Shri Sai Shraddha Seva Samiti, I have been doing dedicated work from suffering humanity to silent animals, cleanliness and many societies. I have been doing social work without the help of any government and without any political member's cooperation.And I have been taking small steps on my part in waking up some unique Alakh in the society so that I can do something better for the country, for the society. Also, I have been nominating Padmashree for the past many years. With this thought and belief that I can give a message by dedicating this honor to the youth that even in a small town, a firefly is spreading its light.

For the last 10 years, by organizing blood donation camps every three to five months, he himself has donated blood 19 times and donated about 468 units of blood. Hundreds of people have been pledged to donate eye. We have been working on cleanliness since 2012 before the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.Also, after the appointment of the brand ambassador of Sanitation, due to special works on cleanliness, the city Sanitation Survey rank was upgraded. To encourage the students by organizing free coaching and general knowledge competition for the promotion of education.Hundreds of plants are being planted every year, out of which many trees have been formed. Thousands of beneficiaries have provided the benefits of free health tests and drug distribution. To carry out cleanliness drive on every holy festival. Cleaning the holy rivers.Campaigning to save daughter etc. is prominent. Currently I am the State Brand Ambassador of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan social organization. I am the National President of the social organization Shri Sai Shraddha Seva Samiti. Due to social service over the years, I have received honors at dozens of district, state and national levels.

Constant blood donation and awareness camps led to the awakening of rural citizens from the city, due to which the number of blood donor increased in large numbers. At the same time people now readily came forward and started getting ready to donate blood. While working on continuous cleanliness, awareness began to appear from students to common citizens. From the shop to the petrol pump, theaters, the garden, etc., public awareness was made, due to which a lot of change is seen.Due to the easy, reliable and low financial burden of the ambulance and autopsy, it became the most used by the common people. Also, due to the convenience of transporting the dead body from the second city to the rural area, the cremation service is becoming a boon for the needy.Due to the continuous free coaching of children of poor and lower classes, the level of education in the children was good, as well as the parents who were not able to teach the children due to their less educated children, now they are free to send in free coaching and dream of the future of the child. Are watching

The first blood storage unit of the state was established by the administration in July 2015 after constant blood donation and awareness camps and struggles for setting up blood bank. After this, so far 960 units of blood have been received for the needy, which is in full health today.Emergency ambulance service was launched in February 2015 due to shortage in ambulance to the needy. Which has so far served as a lifeline for four hundred patients.Due to no vehicle of governance for carrying the dead bodies in the city and rural, in October 2016, with the help of colleagues dedicated to the autopsy service society. Which has been used by hundreds of people so far.For the past 8 years, every Thursday, hundreds of needy people have been fed khichdi with food. Hundreds of accident-free, silent animals have been given free emergency treatment, most of whom are living a healthy life today. For the past years, the school is working to educate the poor children by motivating them towards education through coaching along with free distribution of education material to the needy children.Also, woolen, cotton garments are being distributed every year during the winter season so that the needy do not have to lose their lives due to cold.

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 Achievements - In view of the dedication of social service, so far various honors have been received at national, state, district and city level. Honor by Social Organization - 2012 Honored by Political Institution - August 2013 By homogeneous organization - Kalchuri Ratan 2014 Honor by Government Organization - January 2015 Youth Icon Award by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India - February 2016 Sahitya Surgeon Award - December 2016 Special Personality Award Rotary Club - March 2017 Outstanding Social Service Award - April 2017 Best Social Worker Award - May 2018 Special Youth Award - January 2019 Indian Besties National Award - July 2019 Chetna Social Service Award - August 2019 Swachhta Seva Samman by West Central Railway, Government of India - October 2019 Swami Vivekananda National Yuva Ratna Award - January 2020 National Service Scheme Award - January 2020 Bhagwan Vishwakarma Seva Samiti Samman - January 2020 Corona Yoddha Samman Darpan News - May 2020 Karmaveer Corona Yoddha Samman Rajdhani Beau News - June 2020 Corona Yoddha Samman All National Journalists Association - August 2020 Corona Yoddha Samman Bajrang Seva - October 2020 Gayatri Seva Peeth Award - February 2021 India book of Records - July 2021 Raktvir Samman Maa Vijyasan Institute - Set 2021 Great Contribution Covid 19 Award - Set 2021

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