Anooja Bashir
Ernakulam . Kerala . India . joined February, 2021

Anooja  Bashir


Anooja Bashir is a lovely mother of two, an entrepreneur, CEO, mentor, brand strategist, marketing consultant, a former assistant professor, an amazing leader, and the list just goes on. As a postgraduate, she holds experience in various fields expanding her range of knowledge. Ms. Anooja Bashir’s journey to becoming extraordinary began very subtly, she graduated as Civil Engineer and began her career in the corporate field. After some time there she pursued M.Tech from Cusat and soon after she pursued her career as an Assistant professor. While indulging with the education system much deeper than a conventional teacher, she realized the lack of development and evolution in the education field. She saw that the students were not exactly prepared for the real world, which became the turning point for her professional life and the idea of creating a finishing school was born. Ms. Anooja Bashir has always been a creative head. Her creativity started with the concept of creating a 360-degree business management consultancy that had an assurity of at least one vertical to create revenue. Not just the strategic creativity but she also has an artistically creative side of the world that has attracted her, she has bagged many such experiences where she has led multiple projects giving her experience for a variety of positions. She is not only the CEO but also the Creative Director of Oureacorp and Oureasoul. Her innovative and unique combination of strategic and artistic creativity has helped her create 75+ brands in a little time. She didn’t just create brands but she spoke their story to the world. She has always portrayed excellent conflict resolving skills with an amazing set of communication skills making her the perfect Creative Director our team could ever ask for. She conceptualizes the corporate offerings, creates innovative and creative designs to meet the client’s requirements, and acts to transform company needs and services into meaningful and beautiful art. Her creative saga extends from artistic approaches to innovative strategic marketing techniques. She continues to inspire and mentor many individuals giving them hope and power for a better future. She also has taken 75+ workshops and has been an honored speaker for many national and international platforms. She has bagged many experiences from her career which leads her to be the successful entrepreneur that she is today. The concept creation of a business model with a one-stop-shop solution for all business management needs itself is a boost of creative entrepreneurship. Marketing being her forte she also developed many such marketing strategies for both her company and many such other firms. She not only just created strategies but also mentored talents to create marketing strategies. She has trained and mentored numerous brand and marketing strategists who today, hold high positions in recognized firms. Even before the pandemic, due to some strategic failures in our internal HRM, Ms. Anooja Bashir realized the fact that the emphasis should be placed on personnel development programs of HR in order to achieve higher results. Whilst the rectification of the drawbacks faced in her firm, she created an innovative program LIKES- Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills, which increases the odds of hiring and enhancing HR for both organizations and individuals. She herself first implemented LIKES on Ourea and other companies FlexiCloud and Digitaliz which proved the success of the program as the trained human resources contributed towards a hike in revenue generation even during the worldwide recession. The epiphany hitting early made the crisis management easier which helped in managing business with high turnover. The execution of all these innovative and creative ideas were only possible with the firm hands of Mr. Vinod Chacko, FlexiCloud, and Mr. Naman Modi, Digitaliz in the department of IT. Both of them helped Ms. Anooja Bashir got a better hold in the market with extensive backhand support creating the whole sagaa into the reality that it is today. Today, she is the foundress of Ourea and co-foundress FlexiCloud and Digitaliz which validates her creative and strategic conceptualization by the proven success of all three companies.

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    • Ernakulam

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    • Kerala

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    • Women Entrepreneurs

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    • CEO

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    • M.Tech Civil Engineering

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Project Details

Ourea, is a 360-degree business management consultancy that provides a one-stop solution for all your business and corporate needs. We provide all and every solution for business management starting from Marketing, branding, IT, Training, HR solutions, and every possible need is solved here.We offer a complete range of corporate solutions to help all businesses or firms to enhance their quality and increase their revenue. Our services start from branding, marketing, IT support to training, mentoring, and HR. Oureacorp provides complete corporate necessities from anything to everything a firm or individual needs to build their business and take it to the sky. We also have a creative venture OureanSoul, which helps our clients find the best creative and artistic solutions for all their needs. In addition to this, we have a managed cloud hosting service provider called FlexiCloud and an IT consultancy named Digitaliz that provides you solutions for your IT obstacles.


Honours, Awards & Achievements
The Woman of Excellence award 2020-21 by Indian Achievers Forum ( IAF)
The best startup of the year award 2021 by Euphoria organized by Mentorx
The entrepreneur of the year 2021 award by Indian Achievers Forum.
The Best Woman Entrepreneur Award by the Kerala Startup awards 2021
Women entrepreneur of the year 2021 By Adgully - Women Disrupt Awards 2021.
Nominated for TEDx speaker for the theme “The solitude”.
Josh Talks speaker.
Women leadership achievement award by World Women Leadership Congress.
EDC Earth literacy award 2021 for innovative curriculum designer India.
Keynote speaker for New Age employability skill at Chitkara University.
Keynote speaker in world book of record event - “ Kerala’s largest entrepreneurship Global E-Summit “, 2021.
Nominated for The Women entrepreneur of the year 2021, For Entrepreneur India And Franchise media
Nominated for The Women entrepreneur of the year 2021, BW Woman Disrupt Awards.
Top 10 consultants of the year 2021, by SwiftNlift.
Best Business Woman of 2021, - Powerful Woman Awards 2021, - Crazytales.
Top 10 trainer 2021, by Women entrepreneur India.

Complete Business Details

Our Company  is a 360 degree corporate management consultancy which is into Marketing,IT,HR and training.We help companies to gain a foothold in the industry.Our vision is to become the strategic partner for organisations aiming to achieve excellence in all functions. We give wings to their dreams by providing innovative solutions and helping the target audience to  believe in our clients.We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through innovative and customised solutions that provide your brand with a marketing and corporate boost. Our 7 domains will work in tandem to achieve the business goals of our clients.


Being a 360 degree company is our unique feature and USP. We provide all business solution under one roof. We can easily solve issues as we have expertise in various fields with our team having knowledge and experience and skills in their respective field. Since we are acquainted with various clients our network provides a vast knowledge and information regarding the business, which in turn helps the organisation to think differently and come up with a pitch perfect concept. Our extensions of expertise and network helps us find solutions to any and every problem making us the perfect partners of any startup or otherwise business.

 As our tagline speaks we designs visions of our clients into reality .With our corporate consulting we provide one stop solution to all business needs.Our goal is to build to convert products into brands so that our customers who are into business have more visibility and lead generations.Since we have associated with company to provide marketing and needs ,both can be blended perfect making the product /service of the customer more stronger.Our digital solutions to IT hassles make our clients tension as we have a 24 * 7 tech support.In terms of providing best Human Resources we train the aspirants with proper etiquettes so that fit in corporate world.In Ourea academy we train leaders for the future to be the best CXO’s in industry, which makes startup to have a perfect road map of the industry rules.



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