Aniket Bhankal
Mumbai . Maharashtra . India . joined August, 2021

Aniket Bhankal


·       Co- Founder - Chairman of CARE FOUNDATION, Khar East an NGO working for Poor Students and Social Development – Since 2011

·       Director of COLLINNO FEDERATION OF NGOS, Bandra East an NPO to being Innovations and Collaborations for social welfare – Since 2020

·       Director of Anti-Corruption Human Rights Vigilance Indian Foundation – Since 2021

·       Volunteer / Designer – Art of Living – God Luvs Fun Mumbai Team – Since 2021

·       Creative Head (Director) and Curator – Rex Ideas Global Youth fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards -  Since 2021

·       Certified Rescuer – 91 Safe India – First Aid, Trauma and Emergency Management – Since 2020

·       Designer / Content Creator – Shagun Pride Women’s Bussiness Hub – Since 2018

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    • City :
    • Mumbai

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Social Workers

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    • Advocate

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Project Details

Operations Head – A Money Tree

·       Freelance Lawyer and Advisor

·       Freelance Content Designer – Aninspiration

·       Emerging Author and Poet




·       To work on unique and effective social welfare initiatives and create development opportunities for the needy




·       To work towards building a good corporate image and generate good job opportunities for job seekers


·         National Flag Pride Rally – 2012 to 2017 - to create awareness among the residents to respect out Nation's Pride - Our National Flag and prevent any type of disrespect. Also aware citizenz to pick up every single tricolor fallen on grounds or in any disrespectful position and keep it respectfully, most importantly on the two National Days of Republic Day and Independence Day. 

·       P3 Pre Primary School – 2014 to 2019 - to create awareness about the need for pre primary education in lives of kids and especially girl child. Also the need for good pre primary education with an Play, Preserv and Progress (P3) Approach

·       Digi Womania – Since 2018 - To create awareness and interest in learning the smart use of the smartphones, especially for women from slum and backward areas. Motivate women to learn digital business and make themselves self dependent.

·       Legal Seminar for Women – Since 2018 - to organise legal awareness seminars and webinars and motivate women and reseidents to understand and keep self updated regarding prevailing laws made for their protection and betterment.

·       MISSION 365 – Since 2021 - To support and strengthen needy families of all women and men in uniform by ways of educational scholarships for children, medical aids and emergency support, skill development and self dependency initiatives.

·       NIYATI – Feed the need – Since 2021 - To take responsibilties of families in need who are striving hard to overcome their daily problems and want to live a better life as also give their children a much better standard of living.


·       ASHA – the eternal Hope – Since 2021 - to create a environment of HOPE - Happiness, Opportunities, Purpose and Encouragement for women who have left their career or aims due to failure or any other family or financial problems. Generate good employment opportunities for all.




Interviewed on RADIO CITY 91.1 FM for the National Flag Pride Rally Initiative - Year 2013 -

Interviewed on RADIO CITY 91.1 FM for the AABAA initiative - Year 2017 -

Samaj Ratna Award - CARE FOUNDATION - under the leadership of Mr. Aniket Bhankal

Rex Karmaveer Global Youth Fellow and Karmaveer Chakra (White Medal) honoured me in 2020

Bharatiya Youth Face of India - Organisation - CARE FOUNDATION - honoured under the eadership of Mr. Aniket Bhankal

Nominated for Humanitarian Excellence Awards - CARE FOUNDATION - under the Leadership of Mr. Aniket Bhankal




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