Aditi Dhavale

Aditi Dhavale

I am official participant of miss india 2023

Pune . Maharashtra . . joined May, 2023
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  I am an 18 year old FY BTECH AIML student who wants to grow out of her comfort zone. I am ambitious and willing to push through this journey however hard it may be. I am compassionate as well as goal oriented. I am an outside the box thinker which helps me come up with innovative ideas as well as solutions. I want to prove that women don't have to give up on one thing to pursue another, they can do pageants as well as pursue technical careers at the same time. I work great in teams as well as in Leadership roles, I have experienced many competitions and am sure that this experience will help me in this journey too. I have an optimistic personality and am an avid learner. I might not have much pageant experience but my energy and enthusiasm paired with my quick learning and adaptive personality will definitely help me overcome these struggles.

  • City : Pune
  • State : Maharashtra
  • Email ID :
  • Profession : Student
  • Education : FY BTECH AIML, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune
Physical Attribute
  • Bust :
  • Waist :
  • Hip :
  • Dress Size :
  • Shoes Size :
  • Height (Ft) : 5 ft  4 inch
  • Weight : 47 Kg
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  •  Recieved 3rd prize in IEEE Technovation 2023 where I developed "AUDIO SIGNAL BASED HINGLISH TO ENGLISH TRANSLATOR". This app can help bridge the language gap between different parts of India as well as help in national level security problems such as hate speech detection on socialmedia. 
  • Selected in Top 10 teams in IEEE EUREKA 22 Technology Dissemination Contest, where I chose the topic "Technologies for medical emergencies, healthcare and wellfare" and conducted sessions in 2 urban and 2 rural schools for awareness in this subject. This helped me to motivate girl children such as myself to pursue technical careers.
  • I have submitted an essay to Model G20 competition on 'Women-Led Development Real Scenario In 21st Century' to put emphasis on the biases and discrimination that women face daily in workplace of all kinds of feilds including 'Technology','Entertainment','Medicine',etc.
  • I have also participated in PICT Impetus Ideathon with the idea 'Solid state cooling technology for EV'.
  • I have worked as a Team leader in all of these competitions.

  • Aditi Dhavale
  • Aditi Dhavale
  • Aditi Dhavale



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